Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Heart Health for Women: To Have a Heart is To Suffer the Attack of the Heart

Women and our is an on going struggle to balance ourselves, our hearts and our world. We battle every day with keeping our emotions in check, taking care of everyone around us and managing in a world still very much dominated by the male psyche.

In the business world, women with strong skills, command of their business units and natural leaders are often described as "bitches without heart." Other women, those labeled as meek and non-offensive women cower in their cubes or desks, unable to assert their natural power yet are known as the caregiver, the amiable, friendly boss and colleague.

If we all- working women, stay at home moms, caregivers, wives, friends, daughters and CEOs of our households-do not stop and listen, care for and love our heart each day.... it will attack us.

As cited by the American Heart Association: 1 in 3 women have Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). As women age; their rates of disease are higher than men. CVD outranks cancer as a leading cause of death in women.

Heart health should be key for anyone over the age of 35. As routine as our mammograms and dental visits; we should arrange to have a specialist meet us yearly for routine EKG and EEG tests. This helps us set up a baseline for our heart health that comes in handy should irregularities or decreases in health occur as we age.

To prevent heart attacks; attack back!

Be prepared with Aspirin.

Take CoEnzyme Q10 daily. It helps heart function by enhancing the pumping action and electrical functioning, as well as helping to lower blood pressure.

Better to be safe and feel silly than have a possible life threatening event occur to you and your family.
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