Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to Fight a Cold: Heal Faster and Feel Better

Each year, millions fight the common cold. This annoying virus has a range of symptoms which often restrict sleeping patterns and work schedules. It often lasts from 7-10 days and by the second day individuals are looking for quick and easy cures to feel better faster.

The top 5 key supplements that can decrease the magnitude of the cold:
1. Zinc- tablets and lozenges are key from the onset. Zicam is also effective.
2. Vitamin C- Ester C is a key ingredient to help you body fight the virus. Take vitamin c every 3-4 hours. Emergen-C packs are great.
3.Echinacea/Goldenseal-bolsters body's ability to fight the virus.
4. Slippery Elm & Marshmallow- helps sooth a sore throat and cough.
5. Oscillococcinum-homeopathic medicine.

Lots of rest and liquids are essential for your body to fight a cold. Eat homemade chicken soup- not from a can. Your local thai or chinese restaurant often have the best chicken stock and soup that will help you feel better. Avoid sweets, coffee and dairy products. Drink herbal teas or make your own ginger tea with lemon and honey. Ginger is highly effective in decreasing mucus and phlem.

The best thing for a cold is a salt water gargle and the utilization of a netti pot or a nasal flush/rrigation. "People with chronic sinus conditions should use a nasal douche daily (netti pot), as it promotes drainage of the sinuses and speeds healing of inflamed tissues." Andrew Weil, M.D.

A healthy attitude also helps fight a cold: think and believe in the wellness of your body and the strength of your cells and they will work in your favor.

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