Saturday, September 8, 2007

What is Coffeeberry? Is it the latest trend in anti-wrinkle, anti-aging ingredients?

The buzz is going around about the latest and greatest new anti-wrinkle ingredient: Coffeeberry. I decided to do some investigating to see what the buzz was all about.

Coffeeberry hit the scenes in February 2007 and is the fruit of the coffee plant and is packed full of polyphenols which give it a high ranking status as a key anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. These polyphenols aid in preventing cellular damage to the skin. This powerful fruit may outrank blueberries, green tea and pomegranates in it's antioxidant capacity. Clinical studies have shown that use of coffeeberry can decrease wrinkles by up to 46% and improve skin texture and softness by 64%. These are great stats for this new wrinkle fighter.

Stiefel Laboratories has just launched REVALÉSKIN, a skin care system which includes a cleanser, day cream and night cream all containing the potent antioxidant ingredient. The day cream offers superior protection from environmental damage with SPF 15 sunscreen. Antioxidants like CoffeeBerry actually boost the effectiveness of sunscreens for added protection against the sun's harmful rays. The cost of RevaleSkin can vary from $30 to $120.

Coffee definitely will taste better now that we can also see significant improvements to our skin.
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