Thursday, September 27, 2007

With fall seasonal changes around the corner; Beat Flu Season and Cold Season with a simple detox diet

Along with the beuatiful fall foliage comes an influx of allergies and more incidences of colds and flu. With the kids back in school, adults are more susceptible to the common cold and the seasonal flu. To help prevent the pesky germs treat your body to an easy and simple detox program.

Like Fall cleaning and the preparation for the busy holiday season; a good detox might be the right way to get you ready to face the fall activities and holiday season.

Detoxing generally has all types of negative connotations. What is Detox? Detox essentially means a period of rest for your body; a time of rebooting and the release of toxins from the blood and organs. Detoxing helps allow your body to eliminate toxins and stimulate the body's natural cleansing processes. Toxic overload can cause adrenal burnout, decreased energy levels, reduced stamina, chronic health problems and even some types of cancer. Toxins accumulate in our bodies each day from the environment as well as unhealthy habits such as consuming overprocessed foods, drinking alcohol, smoking and overeating.

When to detox? This is often a question most people ask....if you suffer from symptoms like:
Frequent colds & flu
Disrupted sleep or insomnia
Unexplained blemishes/rashes

Detox can also be a supplemental therapy for:

Enhanced healing before and after surgical procedures
Quit smoking
Lifestyle or dietary changes

It may be time for a gentle, mild detox.

From vitamin rich juice fasts to ionized detox foot baths- the options are broad for detoxification. They key is to eat and exercise. Both can support the key organs that aid in the detox: the lymphatic system, kindeys, gallbladder, liver and the colon.

Whatever detox method or approach you take; make sure you include the detox of your emotions and mental thoughts as this will enhance the energy and satisfaction you feel from the detox.
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