Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dealing with the Stress of the Holiday Season: Breath Inspired Stress Relief

I think we all have pangs of anxiety, stress, and increased blood pressure levels with the Holiday season approaching. Thanksgiving marks the passage from Fall to the New Year and it is one that often taxes the immune system, frazzles the brain and causes the most grown up of adults to revert to their inner child with fits of rage, tantrums and tears.... tis the season!

Add air travel, road rage, long shopping lines and maxed pocket books to the list of stressors and you have the potential for breakdowns, anxiety attacks, panic attacks and the increased likelihood for catching the common cold and flu.

Luckily, each of us is armed with the tools and equipment to deal with the joys of the holiday season in a peaceful, rational and healthy manner. Our lungs are our best way to manage this stress. Surprisingly, a deep breath can relax the body, muscles and brain and reboot the stressed out system. With a 5 or 6 second inhalation and a deep exhalation of "ahhhhh" for 7 can actually hault and reverse the growing tension and anxiety you may be feeling. This breathing technique can be used year round; but can be particularly helpful as the sanest of individuals have been known to flip out a few times.

A few months ago I learned what yogis and other enlightened folks knew for years; deep breathing techniques actually deliver a soothing, stress relieving gas to your lungs that calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and releases tightened muscles and gets your frame of mind back to neutral.

By stopping to breath, you put yourself first by nurturing the essence of your existence and refocus on the breath. Your mind will go blank as you concentrate on feeding your body, blood, muscles and organs oxygen. You will energize youself and after 5 or 7 deep breaths you will reenter your scenery refreshed, rejuvenated, regrouped and rational.

To keep sane through this holiday season and to truly enjoy all the blessings and graces the universe has provided; take a few deep breaths each morning upon waking or in the shower and you will be armed and ready to deal with the crazy, excited, frenzied, and burnt out holiday crowds without becoming one yourself.

Remember....just breath.
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