Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Organic Grocery Shopping: Money Saving Tips

Anyone who is health conscious and eats organic, natural or vegan knows that there are few savings involved in this healthy lifestyle. In 2006 alone, US consumers spend $26.2 billion alone on natural and organic foods. If only there were more coupons and savings to be had....but wait, there are a few money saving solutions that can help you monthly grocery totals decrease.

1. Eat seasonally, locally: Seasonal prices will save you $ and the locally grown fruits and veggies are less expensive due to proximity to the store.

2. Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies- According to Joy Bauer's Food Cures, frozen fruits and vegetables retain about 95% of their nutrients because they are frozen at the peak of their freshness.

3. Purchase in Bulk. You can purchase bulk items like nuts, grains, granola and bean in bulk because they will be 25-40% cheaper than when packaged. Be realistic about your family's ability to consume the entire bulk item.

4. Eat veggies and tofu: Organic meats are very pricey; often triple the cost of ordinary meat. By balancing sources of protein between meats, nuts and eggs- you can save more money.

5. Cook your meals: Packaged meals and eating out can blow your budget quickly. Convenience snacks can be bought in bulk and raw form that you can package yourself like healthy snack mixes of oat bran, pretzels, nuts and dried apricots and raisins. Similarly, you can buy an entire head of lettuce and cut it up yourself.

6. Look for the deals: Between e-coupons and your store or market's website you can plan weekly menu items based on savings. Often retailers have weekly and monthly newsletters that include coupons and discounts.

Flexibility it key and comparison shopping is a must; but you and your budget will triumph without sacrificing your health
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