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Three Key Ingredients to Raising Healthy Cats & Dogs: Organic Pet Food, Cod Liver Oil & Holistic and Alternative Wellness

If you are reading this today, you are a proud mom or pop of a darling animal that loves you unconditionally, doesn't talk back, is there when you need them and brings joy into your every day life. I, myself, am the human of two sweet kitties: Wellington and Lacie. They are the one constant in my life when things get tough and have endured a move each year including two Atlantic Coast trips. I love my babies and as a natural health and wellness professional and advocate I extend my natural health knowledge to maintain and improve the health of my pets.

Diet, fish oil supplementation and other holistic and alternative therapies are essential to keeping your beloved pet healthy and happy.

When I began researching about the pet food I was feeding my cats, I was alarmed by the finding. This is a very unregulated industry and the bi-products and chemicals are frightening.

According to Dr. Richard Pitcairn in his book, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, there is no mandatory federal inspection of ingredients used in pet food manufacturing.In all but two or three states, the law allows pet food makers to use “4-D sources”, that is tissues from animals that are dead, dying, disabled or diseased when they arrive at the slaughterhouse.Another shocking fact is that before meat even arrives at the rendering plant it has already been saturated with chemicals.

To comply with government regulations all meat rejected by slaughterhouses must be “denatured”; a procedure designed to make it unpalatable to humans, thus ensuring it cannot be resold as human grade meat.There are a variety of methods used.Dr. Wendell Belfied, DVM (former USDA vet) wrote in “Let’s Live” magazine:“In my time as a veterinary meat inspector, we denatured with carbolic acid (phenol, a potentially corrosive disinfectant) and/or creosote (used to preserve wood, also a disinfectant).”

According to federal meat inspection regulations fuel oil, kerosene, carbolic acid and citronella are the approved denaturing materials used. Other foods rejected by the USDA that ends up in pet foods include moldy grains and rancid animal fats. According to an article in “Environmental News” (March ’99) a large percentage of commercial pet food is made up of meat by-products: a toxic brew containing diseased and contaminated meat from slaughterhouses, animal heads, toenails, chicken feathers, feet and beaks.It also includes dead animals picked up from the nation’s roads, rancid restaurant grease, and thousands of animals euthanized in animal hospitals and shelters (flea collars and all).Along with the meat come any drugs that have been introduced into the animals such as hormones, antibiotics and barbiturates used to put pets to sleep.Unsold supermarket meats arrive in their original Styrofoam and plastic packaging are tossed into the pot.

It would be wonderful if we could all feed our animals an all-natural raw food diet, but for some the following alternatives will be very helpful. After further research and discussion with natural and holistic vets the best organic and natural pet foods are listed below. The following is not a complete list of all that is available but will give you some respected names:


Fish oil or Pet Cod Liver Oil is essential for your dog and cat. It replenishes essential fatty acids- essential fatty acids - Fish Oil, Borage Oil and Natural Vitamin E - that are easily destroyed by the normal processing of commercial pet foods. Fatty acids are vital to the everyday health, skin and coat, heart and cardiovascular system, strong muscles and healthy stong joints.

When I started to give Lacie and Wellie Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil, their energy levels spiked, they stopped shedding as much and their fur is softer and shinier.

A very close friend of mine is a holistic vet who conducts acupuncture on pets and mixes herbal remedies for sick animals speaks highly of massage treatment for your pet. Essential you can give your dog or kitty cat a highly effective massage that will help release toxins and ease muscle pain they may experience. Massage in general is great for moving and releasing the lymphatic system. You can massage your pet when watching tv or a movie or when grooming. They'll love the attention and it will also increase the bond between you and your pet.

Keeping our pets healthy and happy further helps our own health as they give us so much joy and love that, in my fair opinion, we are the lucky bunch that comes home to a loving animal.

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