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New Year's Resolutions- 2008 is going to be GREAT!

Recently, a close friend of mine and the best realtor in Tampa Bay,Rae Catanese, were discussing the close of 2007 and beginning of a new year...a clean slate. Based on her introspective view of 2007 and plans for 2008 she crafted this amazing article I would like to share with you today. Happy New Year!


First, we would like to thank you for your support this past year. As you know the real estate industry has had an effect on many people’s lives.

Unlike my usual real estate related articles, I‘ve decided to write a more personal message for 2008.

New Year’s Resolutions-2008 is going to be GREAT!

New Opportunities-Letting go of past inhibitions and fears allows yourself to experience new opportunities, meet new people and be open minded to new ways of thinking. One of the new social networking groups that I’ve joined is Facebook. Facebook connects you with people that have the same interests, whether it is on a business level or just for fun. It’s a great way to network.

Control your thoughts.- Realize you are in control of letting your thoughts and mind control your actions. You will become the person you think you are if you let yourself listen to your negative inner voice. If you say “I’m too old” or “I won’t be able to get that great job” then you are letting your thoughts control you. Turn your habits of thinking into positive reinforcement. This isn’t going to be easy and you will have to make a conscience effort to remind yourself to change your patterns.

Be confident-Have you ever noticed that people are drawn to other people who are confident, positive and project good energy? When you meet someone who resembles these qualities get to know them. Typically it is in their nature to want to share their own experiences. Don’t let fear take control by thinking “I can’t confide in someone, I will look weak.”

Distance yourself from negativity.
Connect with positive minded people. For instance, base new relationships on building solid friendships. People you connect with on a particular level. It could be morally, spiritually, a love relationship or in a business environment. If you notice that the people you are surrounding yourself with are negative it will spread like a disease. The goal is to become a more positive person, so surround yourself with people who are like minded.

Change-If there is something you don’t like about your life change it. If everything stays the same you cannot change. My Mother always says “don’t expect different results by doing the same thing,” and she’s right. Change cannot happen unless you allow yourself to change. If your cup is full there is no room for change. Empty your mind to allow yourself to accept new things.

How to live in the present while reflecting on the past- The saying that “good things come to those who wait” isn’t my attitude. What are we waiting for exactly? Stop worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come; therefore we really are never in complete control. Living in the present doesn’t mean that you cannot reflect on the past. If you reflect on the things you did right, on your success, this allows you to celebrate every little success. I subscribe to a blog site called Zen Habits. They have a great article on the 5 powerful reasons to make reflection a daily habit.

Let go of the past
- If 2007 wasn’t the best year don’t dwell on it. Now is the time to let go and start fresh. If your childhood or past marriage was imperfect, realize you cannot change the past. Use what you've learned as a motivator to change your future.

Be Happy-The control we do have is our happiness. No amount of money will truly make you happy and to love yourself as a person. Isn’t happiness the TRUE meaning of life? How can you be happy if you allow yourself to base happiness on material possessions? There will never be an end to money, it will forever be apart of life. I like the quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer. “There is no way to happiness-happiness IS the way”

Loving yourself
- But how does one love themselves? Love comes from giving and sharing, which will allow yourself to love the person you are. Anthony Robbins, one of the greatest self motivators of our time emphasizes on loving and accepting people for who they are. Focus on the good in people, life, and relationships. When you are truly happy about whom you are, you will start attracting people who are also loving and caring.

Set goals- Short term and long term. Make them achievable and realistic. If you don’t, you will become disappointed. Make a list and keep it somewhere that you can see it everyday. If your goals and expectations of your self and other people are too high you are bound to be hurt and frustrated when things don’t happen the way you’ve envisioned them.

Become who you want to be
. Make the necessary steps by creating a list of how you envision your life. Remind yourself of these goals and determine how you are going to achieve them. Read self motivational books. Make the time and commit to being and feeling good. Treat others the way you want to be treated and it will be reciprocated. If felling good means losing 10 lbs, changing jobs, relocating to a different city, or finding your creative outlets then do it. He who hesitates is lost. Visualize being who you want to be. If you have a strong desire to make things happen, then they WILL happen.

Hope you enjoyed our New Years Resolutions article. Feel free to pass on with others.
We will continue to publish our Tampa Bay real estate updates throughout the year. We look forward to being a resource for you if are looking to buy or sell a home in 2008.
Remember 2008 is GOING to be great!

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