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Combating Stressed Adrenal Glands: Foods and Herbs that Reduce Adrenal Burn out and Adrenal Fatigue

Four years ago I suffered from a bad case of Adrenal Fatigue. My adrenal glands were taxed and all I wanted to do was get my energy back. I was always tired and craved sugar and drank about 3 cups of coffee a day. Until, one day, I read an article about the link between our adrenal glands and stress and realized that I was in the full blows of Adrenal Burn out.

I read an amazing book that highlighted the fastest way to address reversing my adrenal burn out. From diet to herbal remedies- it is possible to replenish and rest the adrenal system.

Whole Foods Diet is Recommended

Buy organically grown produce as much as possible. Avoid consumption of sugar. Refined carbohydrate, caffeine (adrenal stimulants), and alcohol should be avoided. Fasting and detoxification should not be used at the beginning of adrenal strengthening. The diet should be a building and strengthening diet. Eat plenty of fresh and lightly steamed vegetables and their juices as they contain minerals to prevent fatigue.

In restoration of the adrenal gland function one should include potassium rich foods and avoid foods high in sodium. This will help to keep the sodium/potassium balance in the body. In the standard American diet, people consume way too much sodium. Researchers recommend a dietary potassium-to-sodium ratio of greater than 5 to 1. Intake of potassium should be about 3 to 5 grams per day.

Potassium Content of Selected Foods

Milligrams (mg) per 100 grams edible portion (100 grams = 3.5 ounces)

Dulse8,060 Cauliflower295
Kelp5,273Watercress 282
Sunflower seeds920Asparagus 278
Wheat germ827Red cabbage 268
Almonds773Lettuce 264
Raisins763Cantaloupe 251
Parsley727Lentils, cooked 249
Brazil nuts715Tomato 244
Peanuts674Sweet potatoes 243
Dates648Papayas 234
Figs, dried640Eggplant 214
Avocados604Green peppers 213
Pecans603Beets 208
Yams600Peaches 202
Swiss chard550Summer squash 202
Soybeans, cooked540 Oranges200
Garlic529Raspberries 199
Spinach470Cherries 191
English walnuts450Strawberries 164
Millet430Grapefruit juice 162
Beans, cooked416Cucumbers 160
Mushrooms414Grapes 158
Potato with skin407 Onions157
Broccoli382Pineapple 146
Kale378Milk, whole 144
Bananas370Lemon juice 141-
Meats370Pears 130
Winter squash369Eggs 129
Chicken366Apples 110
Carrots341Watermelon 100
Celery341Brown rice, cooked 70

Source: "Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units," U.S.D.A. Agriculture Handbook No. 456

It is recommended that a person eat small, instead of large meals. According to the Oriental philosophy, foods which nurture deficient kidney energy are as follows:
millet barly tofustring bean
black beanblack soybean mung bean mung sprouts
kidney beanblackberry mulberryblueberry
melonswheat germpotato seaweeds
spirulinachlorellablack sesame seed water chestnut
crabclamsardine eggs

Vitamin/Mineral Therapy for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

Nutrients important in adrenal gland function include: pantothenic acid, vitamin C, Vitamin B 6, Zinc, and Magnesium. Particularly important is pantothenic acid (100 milligrams a day), as a deficiency may result in adrenal atrophy. Foods rich in pantothenic acid include: whole grains, legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, salmon, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

Adrenal extracts made from beef have been used in medicine since the 1930's. The proper procedure is to start with a dosage lower than what is recommended on the label of most adrenal extract supplements (1/3 of the normal dosage), and then slowly increasing the dosage every two days until one notices the stimulatory effect. Once that effect is noticed then simply reduce the dosage to a level just below the level that will produce stimulation. As the adrenals rebuild, keep reducing the dosage until there comes a time when you no longer need the support.

Recommended Supplements:

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