Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type: How Useful and Effective is this Diet Methodology

A few years ago I had heard about blood type and diet and the importance of eating certain foods based on your blood type. It has to do with the chemical reactions between foods and your particular blood type. I'm a type O and three years ago I picked up a pocket Eat Right 4 Your Type book that really has been a breath of fresh air.

This book explained why I cannot drinking orange juice. Despite growing up in FL, orange juice is too acidic for my stomach. It make perfect sense why I could never drink OJ by itself. This book also detailed the history of the blood types and the evolution of man and eating patterns.

It breaks down each blood type and foods, beverages and supplements that are healing and beneficial.

Type A types

should basically stick to fruits and vegetables (high carbs / low fat).
They have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system,
and should not consume dairy products, animal fats and meats. They are at
a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Type B types

should consume a balanced diet (fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, meat,
but avoid chicken). They have the best chance of bypassing or overcoming
everyday types of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Type AB types

should consume a mostly vegetarian diet, and only on rare occasions some
fish, meat (no chicken), and dairy.

Type O types
should basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), low carbs, and
enriched with fruits and vegetables. They should limit the intake of wheat germ,
whole wheat products, corn, and avoid dairy products and most nuts.
Type O types are commonly affected with hypothyroidism, high stomach acid
(leading to ulcers), and thinner blood with greater resistance to blood clotting.

I recommend this book as a guideline. I think it helps indivduals understand the history of their blood type and can prevent common ailments and certain diseases prevalent to certain blood types. For O's we have to be conscious of our thyroid and we can enjoy a high protein diet.

I picked up my book at the local CVS, but most natural health stores have copies and have blood type recipe books as well.


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