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Maintaining Healthy Nails: Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Nails Healthy & Treat Toenail Fungus

How many of us either know someone or even perhaps have now or have had an issue with our nails. From weak, brittle nails to nails with ridges, dents and even fungus-- there is a natural treatment to remedy your nails back to good health.

There are many natural remedies and supplements, which can be helpful for you to give natural nail care. These are some of the vitamins and proteins which can be helpful for you to get healthy nail care.

  • Vitamin A: If your nails become dry and brittle then it is a sign for deficiency of vitamin-A in your body. If vitamin A is lacking in your body, then it can slow down the growth of your nails. Whenever you notice that your nails are becoming brittle and dry, then increase the intake of vitamin A in your regular diet. Garlic, parsley, watercress and papaya are some of the foods which are rich in vitamin A.
  • Calcium: As every one know, calcium is very important for our body to maintain healthy and strong cartilages. Your nails also need adequate amounts of calcium to grow healthier and this calcium also provides a good natural nail care for you.
  • Vitamin B: This vitamin is very essential for your natural nail care. Deficiency of vitamin B can make your nails to become more fragile with horizontal and vertical ridges. Foods like fenugreek, dandelion, kelp and parsley are rich sources for vitamin B.
  • Folic acid: It is also an essential protein for your nails and provides a better natural nail care by maintaining flexibility and strength for your nails. Folic acid can be mainly found in spinach leaves, citrus fruits, broccoli, berries, whole grains and also legumes and kale.
  • Silicon: It is very essential to promote firmness and strength for your nails. You can find rich silicon contents in onions, avocados, whole wheat, comfrey, oats, strawberries, alfalfa, rice and nettle.
  • Biotin: It mainly helps in natural nail care by increasing the hard and thick growth of your nails. Eggs, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, fish, soya bean and oats are rich sources for biotin.
  • Fatty acids: These essential fatty acids are more useful in making your nails glossier and flexible. Evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, salmon and black current oil are rich sources for fatty acids.
Do not forget the dietary requirements contributing to the health of your nails. Drink lots of water and add foods that are rich in calcium, Vitamins, zinc, sulfur, silicon and biotin. Brewer’s yeast, broccoli, fish, soy and whole grains can be very good for strengthening your nails and giving them a healthy glow.

Our hands and feet take a beating. From high heal shoes to typing on the computer, these little things endure a lot of pressure and potentially damaging situations.

My own father and even my Grandmother have issues with toenail fungus. I am so freaked out by the sight of their toes- I cannot even look at their feet. Men and women are affected by the toenail fungus in damp areas such as public gyms, shower stalls or swimming pools. Toe nail fungus can spread from one toe to another or to other body parts. Athletes and people who give trauma to their toe by wear tight-fitting shoes or tight hosiery are at great risk of toe nail fungus. Other reasons may be abnormal pH level of the skin, not drying off the feet thoroughly after bathing or exercise, and decreased immunity.

There are a few natural treatments to cure or remedy toenail fungus:

1. Tea tree oil is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide that will help fight your fungus. Apply undiluted tea tree oil with olive oil to the affected toe nail. Alternatively you can put few drops of tea tree oil on toenails and rub it thoroughly every day.

2. Soak your toenails for 15 - 20 minutes in basin full of warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion. When done, dry your toenails thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on warm setting to absorb all the moisture in and around the toes.

3. Blend 2 drops of Oregano essential oil with a tsp of olive oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area daily for NOT more than three weeks. Oregano essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitical, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties.

4. Put equal amount of tea tree oil and lavender oil on a cotton ball or swab. Dab it under the top edge of the toe nail and surrounding area 2 or 3 times a day. Tea tree oil is natural antibiotic and lavender will help fight the infection and prevent skin irritation.


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