Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Treating Ear Mites in Cats & Dogs Naturally

Does your animal have a case of ear mites? Looking for a natural cure to treat your furry one's ears? These were the questions that were going through my head this weekend. It became apparent that my 6 yr old, indoor grey tort tabby cat has a case of ear mites. It was an alarming discovery as her ears are always meticulously clean. Perhaps it a result of the open windows and potential exposure from a few of the little mangy cats that hang around the house.

As I use natural treatments and remedies for my own health practices, I sought out a few potential solutions and today is day 4 and my cat's ears are looking pretty good.

The first step in helping your pet is to clean out the ear and try to relieve some of the discomfort. Use an eyedropper or syringe (without the needle) to insert some Vegetable or Olive Oil into the ear canal. While keeping your pets head still (as they will want to immediately shake the substance out) massage the ear thoroughly to loosen any deeply impacted mite dirt (you may be able to gently squeeze some of it up and out of the ear). Use cotton balls to clean the ears and only attempt to use q-tips very carefully being sure not to allow them to enter portions of the deeper ear canal. In order to relieve irritation caused by the mites, use a natural treatment of Psorinum or Sulphur.

In order to actually kill the mites there are a couple of natural remedies that you can make at home. The first one is a mixture of 9 drops of Yellow Dock Root Extract and 1 tablespoon of water. Use an eyedropper to insert the treatment into the pet’s ear, being sure to massage it well prior to the animal having the opportunity to shake it out. Administer the treatment once every three days for a period of six weeks.

The second treatment mixes ½ an ounce of Almond Oil with 400 IU’s of Vitamin E. Warm up the mixture to body temperature and apply ½ an eyedropper into each affected ear. Massage the mixture around in the ear and remove the excess with cotton balls. Administer the treatment for a period of six days, leave it for three days and then repeat.


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