Saturday, April 26, 2008

Internal Cleansing: Detoxification & Dieting - Lose Fat Faster

It is quite possible to diet and lose toxic fat in your body. My biggest recommendation is to utilize internal cleansing of the liver and colon to aid in a solid diet program as well as combat health problems like indigestion, high cholesterol, acne, depression, fatigue, mood swings, arthritis and other autoimmune conditions.

With the increase awareness of pesticides, toxins, insecticides and industrial chemicals building up in our bodies- it is very important to consider a detox program or detox diet at least twice a year. Since it is spring, a good spring cleaning will help you and your body have a great summer!

More than likely, if you are reading this post, you have an overstressed or toxic liver. Your liver is your body's filter -- it is charged with neutralizing everything from the waste products od daily metabolism to the ever-increasing load of toxins from our air, food, water, cosmetics and environments. A toxic or overloaded liver is that it slows down and in unable to metabolize fat properly. The problem is that the liver will then transfer fat and cholesterol back into your bloodstream. This creates a chain of terrible health problems and conditions but it also wreaks havoc on your skin.

Similarly, our colons are the most neglected organs in our body. The colon is designed to eliminate both waste and toxins. Most people are not getting the necessary amount of fiber in their diets to support their colon. As a result we have overworked colons that allows toxins and bile to sit in our guts for too long. The body reabsorbs these toxins and sends them back to the liver -- which overworked itself gets pushed back into your bloodstream.

Even more alarming- the lack of fiber in our diets causes waste left in the colon to harden and create impactions that can cause the lower intestine/bowl to expand... resulting in added pounds and inches to the waists and abdominal area. What you thought was ab fat is really left over food and waste products. Disgusting-- I know. But think about it-- what we put into our bodies either comes out or recirculates. Every pack of processed cookies, bread and junk food sits in our colons longer than necessary and can cause illness.

Annual liver cleansing and colon cleansing are the two most important health programs and ways to reinvigorate your body, your diet and your health.

When you lose weight and cleanse together-- your diet plan will have transforming results. Toxins are stored in fat. As you burn the fat and lose weight- you are also releasing toxins that have been stored by the body.

A really great and effective weight loss diet and liver & colon cleanse is:

*Eat one serving of each of these daily

1/2 cup steamed or raw broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cabbage brussels sprouts or cauliflower

1 cup steamed or raw beat green, chard, cilantro, collards, dandelion greens, kale, parsley, watercress

1 orange or the juice of one lemon or lime

1/4 cup daikon radish, two organic eggs, one clove garlic or steamed onions

Liver Healers: 1 steamed artichoke, 1 cup asparagus or beets, two stalks of celery, two cups dandelion root tea, two teaspoons nutritional yeast, two scoops whey.

Choose 2 of the following each day for colon health:
1 raw organic apple, carot or pear with skins
1 cup organic berries
3 tablespoons ground flaxseeds
2 tablespoons psyllium husks in eight ounces of water

Include daily:
2 servings of protein (lean and organic chicken, turkey or lamb or wild caught fish)
2 tablespoons of blue green algae or spirulina
2 tablespoons of fatty acids (black current, flaxseed oil or organic olive oil)

Eat this diet for a week-- including 1/2 your body weight in ounces of H2O.

You will start to feel the difference. Stay tuned to more detox advice, tips and recipes. Each week we will include an article about detoxification.


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