Monday, April 21, 2008

Salt Water to the Rescue: Cures for Sore throat and Other Allergies Symptoms

Each morning, I go for a walk/run around a very heavy pollen populated park and lake. I also have severe allergies and can often feel that little itch in my nose as I pass a zillion oak trees. I've managed to keep my allergy symptoms low with the use of honey in my tea and a salt water nasal flush using a netti pot.

As soon as I return I gargle with salt water to reduce the itchy and sore throat I get with my allergies and I also use my netti pot with a warm salt water solution to flush the pollen from my nasal passages. I wash my work out clothes after one wearing and I even wipe down my shoes. Pollen is often unavoidable, but with some care you too can reduce the severity of your allergies.


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