Friday, June 13, 2008

Allergy Season 2008-- Beating Allergies Naturally with Homeopathic Medicine

Earlier this week I lost my voice as a result of intense allergies- especially after the summer afternoon storms have increased pollen and mold levels. I have lived in Florida for a significant portion of my life, but after moving up to New England- coming back has been very trying. I have found that what was a minor irritation before has grown into often full blown allergies-- sneezing, nose bleeds, hoarseness of the throat and watery eyes.

I've been able to combat my allergies using natural honey, but I also have felt the need to investigate homeopathic medicine to help ease the symptoms of my allergies. I have always had an adverse reaction to medications like benadryl and sudafed. I hate taking medications but found a natural relief for my seasonal allergies and hayfever through a homeopathic pharmacopoeia. I remember a time in college when I took benadryl before an exam and felt like my head was a big balloon floating about 20 feet above my body.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates the body's own natural forces of recovery. The active ingredients in hommeopathic medicine are free from side effects. For many years homeopathic medicines have been used as a safe and effective means of treating ailments for thewhole family.

For my seasonal allergies and hayfever I use Nelsons Allergy & Hayfever pillules that contain Allium cepa 30c, Euphrasia 30c, and Sabadilla 30c.

Buy Nelsons Allergy & Hayfever for your allergies this season.


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