Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to School Tips: Help Your Child Deal with The Stress of the New School Year

Mid-August and September dawns the new school year and every year proves to be a stressful and challenging time for both children and their parents. Each year thousands of parents and children celebrate the first day of kindergarten or first grade; new preschools or child care settings; new classrooms and new teachers.

I can remember a particularly tragic time, after my family moved, where I cried and screamed bloody murder not to attend the new local, kindergarten classroom. It was traumatic and I can remember feeling scared, abandoned and uneasy about the unknown.

It therefore becomes key to make and create smooth transitions between home, programs and schools can help children feel good about themselves and teach them to trust other adults and children.

Separation anxiety, angst and fear of the classrooms causes many first day, first week and first month challenges that many parents have a hard time figuring out how to manage. Separation anxiety is often thought to only impact shy, timid, introverted children- but it can even take a toll on your outgoing and fearless youngster.

Luckily; there are a few great solutions I'd like to share with you that can minimize the stress both you and your child feel as you prepare for back to school season.

A product I highly recommend is Bach's Kids Rescue Remedy relief. It is a natural, homeopathic medicine that will help ease the tension, stress and anxiety that the first day and first week of school jitters produce.
in an alcohol-free formula for childrens times of stress and anxiety. Easy to use dropper. Natural, Safe, Non-Drowsy.

Children respond quickly to rescue remedy. Screaming children find sudden relief, shy and fearful children find courage, impatient and angry children find peace. Dosage for children and adults are the same. Monitoring your stress levels are just as important as watching your child and a dose of the rescue remedy for yourself may also help you ease up and relax through the process.

Bach's Kids Rescue Remedy is world famous for quickly restoring inner calm, control and focus helping your child manage daily stresses and get on with a happy and productive school year.

Helping children adapt to new situations can ease parents’ minds and give them a chance to become involved in their children's education.

  1. Be enthusiastic about the upcoming change. If you are excited and confident, your child will be, too.

  2. Prepare yourself. Take note of how your child reacts to separation. If possible, visit the new setting with your child. Introduce your child to the new teacher or early childhood professional in advance.

  3. Arrange a playdate with another child from the program, preferably one-on-one, so that your child will see a familiar face when she walks in.

  4. Start daily routines that will add to continuity. Let your child become involved with packing lunch or laying out clothes. Also, begin an earlier bedtime several weeks before.

  5. Put aside extra time, particularly on the first day, for chatting and commuting together. But remember not to prolong the good-bye. If the child whines or clings, staying will only make it harder.

  6. Always say good-bye to your child. Be firm, but friendly about separating. Never ridicule a child for crying. Instead, make supportive statements like, "it's hard to say good-bye."
In time, your child will easily adjust and find the new situation easy and happy.
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