Monday, August 25, 2008

Mineral Makeup-- Super Deals & Skin Care Benefits

For months now I've been saying I've wanted to start using Mineral based eye makeup- primary eye shadows.

I'm super excited to pass on an amazing deal! For all make up lovers this is so good it's true!!

Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for $1!!! The make-up line e.l.f. ( eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it.

They are getting rid of all the make-up in ELF packaging. They are selling everything for $1. YES ONE DOLLAR. They have everything - powder,mascara, lipstick, a mineral line (100% natural), brushes & cases, nail polish, lotions, you name it - it's there. The website is:

When you 'check out' there is a space for a coupon code. Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00. Now go - shop - be free (practically)!

The Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics:

Mineral makeup is manufactured with minerals which are sterilized and pulverized into a very fine powder which is then mixed with a variety of natural inorganic colorings to produce a variety of colors.

What is so great about this type of make up is that it does not block the pores of the skin but instead allows the skin to breathe, mineral makeup is very appealing for those women with sensitive skin.

This is extremely beneficial for women who suffer with rosacea, dryness, acne or other skin ailments, utilizing mineral makeup permits them to take advantage of a skin-friendly product which will not exacerbate their problems.

The primary ingredients used in mineral makeup are, unlike most makeup, inorganic, which means that bacteria and microbes cannot live in the makeup and infect the skin. The fact that the ingredients are inorganic also means that no preservatives need be included and that the makeup will have a long shelf life, so long as reasonable care is taken to apply the makeup with clean brushes.

Mineral makeup also leaves the skin with a very natural radiant glow. The best mineral makeups contain a number of ingredients designed for the purpose of improving the well-being of the skin. These may include a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB sun protection, as well as zinc, magnesium and some anti-inflammatories. For women who complain of oily skin, mineral makeup can provide an excellent solution.

I hope you enjoy this deal as I just got a ton of good, natural mineral rich make up and make up brushes too!
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