Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 Tips to Being Healthy on a Budget

With the holidays just around the corner budgeting every cent has become a necessity for many households.  My particular household has chosen to continue to eat healthy but with a little more work we are saving more money each time we hit the grocery stores. 

Here are 5 easy ways to stay healthy on a budget without compromising good health or good food. 

1.  Shop Local.

Shopping at local farmers markets and local coops for veggies and fruit will significantly reduce your cost.  You essential cut out the middleman and buy vitamin rich organic foods.   Similarly, many areas have local organic farms where you can purchase a 1/2 cow or chicken that are butchered and prepared on site.  If your freezer allows; this can save you well over several hundred dollars a year. 

2. Purchase a netti pot.   

A netti pot is a must have for every household.  Especially for those individuals who are prone to seasonal allergies or develop colds/flus each season.  The netti pot is a teapot-like device that serves to flush the nasal passages of any mucus, pollen or dust particles.  It also lubricates the nasal passages and with a saline flush will prevent germs from entering your body and keeps the nasal passages moist to prevent dryness and potential infection.  In the drier winter months the nose can take a hit with the transitions from cold air to heated inside air.  Netti pots in the morning and evening work well to prevent colds and flu.

3.  Eat brown rice.
Brown rice is one of the best grains and it is packed with vitamins, rich in fiber, protein and iron and is low in calories.  A 2 pound bag can yield rice, for a family of four, meals for at least 5 days.   Substitute standard pasta and potato based dishes with brown rice and experience a cost reduction.  Other benefits you may experience may be increased full feeling, weight loss and better digestive health.

4. Plan and Prepare your Meals.

So often we are used to last minute food runs to the local fast food joint down the street.  But, in the end a lot of money is spent on really unhealthy and non-fulfilling food.  With a little tweaking, some planning as well as some coupon clipping a lot of money can be reduced when shopping is based on a strategic meal plan.  

When it comes to lunch and dinner, a large majority of families eat precooked-prepackaged meals or even meals ready to be prepared.  A little time goes a long way when cooking a prepared and well planned meal.  

By cooking a larger dinner that can yield left overs; time and money are reduced as the excess may be pre-made lunches for you and/or your spouse or partner for the next day(s).

I always suggest preparing snack packs in the beginning of the week-- by chopping up apples, carrots and other fruits and veggies a wholesome and healthy snack can be taken with you to work or on the road.  Other great snack pack ideas are boiled eggs, mixed nuts and chocolate chips and peanut buttered crackers. 

5.  Drink Green Tea.

Substituting green tea for coffee and soda is a great way to cut down costs of hitting your local starbucks or dunkin donuts as well as the local office vending machine.  By brewing up your own green tea you can serve it hot or cold and even flavor it with lemons or even pomegranate juice.  The green tea still affords those caffeine fanatics their daily dose while packing a good punch of flavonoids and antioxidants.  Green tea has been linked to cancer prevention and lowered risk of heart disease. 

Budgeting and eating healthy can be synonymous and can benefit both your pocketbook and your health.  


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