Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu AND Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

The growing incidence of swine flu is raising the pandemic alert level to many states to a level 4. It's a challenge for any air traveler to stay as healthy as is possible and even more important to follow special steps to boost immunity naturally.

Several months ago I wrote a blog about air travel and 10 steps to be healthy while traveling on an airplane. I think it is time to revisit this in light of the new concerns with the rise of swine flu and the masses that are catching this very severe case of flu.

When traveling it is so important to consume lots of water. Drinking keeps the mucous membranes of your body hydrated and function at their optimum. Similarly, a saline nasal spray is key to keep the nasal passages lubricated and the saline serves to minimize foreign bodies waging war on the immune system. 90% of illnesses like the flu are airborne and our inhalations are the source of catching the germs.

To further eliminate any chance of viral invasion in the nasal passages I always recommend to my clients to use pure natural lavender oil. A dap or two under the nose before encountering crowded settings or the airport will serve as a natural guard against unwanted airborne viruses like the Swine Flu. Lavender has been used for thosands and thousands of years as an antibiotic and antiseptic and sprigs of lavender were hung in homes to ward off the plague.

I'm a huge fan of Airborne - the fizzy tabs you can take while traveling. While I do not like the sugar type, I think the benefits outweight this addition. There are 5 key chinese herbs which help to support the healthy immune system.
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