Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best Anti-Viral Diet: What to Eat When You Have Herpes

Herpes can be a big pain in the rear. Did you know that 80% of Americans have suffered from oral herpes while only 20% suffer from genital herpes? Either way- there are a lot of us out there who have had the pesky blister appear with complimentary symptoms tingling of the skin, red skin, swollen glands and other flu like symptoms.

I know that I get a blister on my lip when I'm overly stressed and as a result have an impaired immune system or when I eat way too much chocolate for my own good!

There are natural therapies to address herpes outbreaks. As a holistic nutritionist in St. Petersburg, Fl - many of my clients seek my assistance in addressing such health concerns as herpes. I try to incorporate a healthy diet into the plan or protocols of my clients.

I recommend avoiding chocolate, nuts, peas and wheat -- all foods that contain the amino acid L-arginine which has been found to promote the herpes virus. Luckily the balance of L-arginine is an amino acid called L-Lysine that has been found to suppress the virus.

By eating lysine rich foods like legumes, turkey, fish, chicken, red meat and most veggies - many of my clients have found they can manange and eliminate the herpes viral outbreaks. This is especially important for those who may have genital herpes, an extremely contagious form of herpes that is transmitted through sexual activities.

There are a few great topical products that I also recommend. First, at the first twinge of pain I advise using organic apple cider vinegar to quell the outbreak. Usually this will speed the process and the blister will appear faster and heal faster with topical application sof products like Super Lysine cream and bee propolis.

Adding aloe vera to the diet and used as a topical agent as well helps treat and heal the skin quickly. Topics applications of any kind should take place 4 times a day until the blister completely heals.

Ultimately, the goal is to shorten the outbreak times. I've seen many clients who suffer for a week or more have a small blister for a period of only 2 days.

If you suffer from frequent herpes outbreaks, it may be time to assess the strength of your immune system and assess your diet to cut out herpes aggitating foods and bolster you immune system with a great regime of Cell Forte (IP-6), lysine supplementation and bee propolis will be essential.

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