Sunday, December 26, 2010

Healthy Being Wellness Center uses Ilike Organic Skin Care for all our Facials & Body Treatments

Healthy Being Wellness Center uses Ilike organic skin care of Hungary because of it's most natural and organic ingredients and the amazing results we see each day with our clients.

treats both the skin and the senses by combining thehighest quality organic Hungarian ingredients with age-old secrets of herbs, fruits and vegetables.
Using only whole ingredients; with pulps versus extracts, retains full concentration and power of the garden.

All products are made from whole certified organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruitsand vegetables.

The unsurpassed skin rejuvenation techniques unique to Hungary are demonstrated through the therapeutic and beautifying effects resulting in clear, balanced and glowing complexions. ilike organic skin care is harvested by hand, certified with all organic and natural ingredients with no parabens or synthetic and harmful ingredients.

Recognized globally for true naturopathic formulations, experience a true Hungarian facial at home.

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