Monday, January 24, 2011

Kinesio Taping for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling in St. Petersburg FL 33702

As a Lymph Therapist, weekly I work with clients who are experiencing swelling and fluid retention in their extremities. One of the modalities or therapies I will add to their lymphedema program is specific kinesio taping to reduce the accumulation of excessive amounts of protein-rich fluid in the body tissues.

Lymphatic dysfunction, as we refer to it, is something I look for in the first session with my client. It involves a comprehensive examination of the limbs at risk or with lymphoedema but also an assessment of the lymphatic structures and territories at the root of that limb. This examination of poor drainage might identify the thoracic duct as the source of the swelling in the feet or legs or even abdmonial areas.

There are several lymphatic disorders that cause swelling:
- a congenital condition called Milroy-Nonne Disease (birth)
-Meige's Disease (puberty)
-Lymphoedema tarda (after age 35)

Secondary Lymphoedema's:
-Latrogenic (removal of lymph nodes, radiotherapy to lymph nodes, sugery)
-Trauma (motor vehicle accident)
-Lymphangitis (rooted from fungal, bacterial, parasitic, insect or spider bite )
-Cancer (tumor blockage or compression on lymph system)

If you are experiencing one of more of this conditions - it would be recommended that you seek lymphatic congestion therapy along with a course of kinesio taping.

Kinesio taping can be very helpful in motivating and decongesting deep lymphatic fluid.

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