Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Holiday Spa Gift Certificates & Spa Holiday Packages at Healthy Being Wellness Center in St Petersburg, Fl 33702

2011 Holiday Gift Guide:

Tis the season! Ho-Ho-Ho.... it's quickly become that time of year when we celebrate and honor our cherished loved ones and friends. What better way to pamper and treat your friends, family, spouse, children and colleagues that with a Healthy Being Wellness Center Gift Card? it’s impossible to disappoint! No matter what treatment they choose, this gift will outlast any other present they receive. Don’t believe it? It’s true… here are just 3 examples:

Don’t call it a massage, call it a MIRACLE: America’s #1 most popular spa treatment is not only a luxury to soothe your Saturday, it’s something that impacts your personal wellbeing on a large, long-lasting scale. Indulge for a healthier heart, a clearer mind, and even to replace expensive talk therapy – massage therapy has been proven to decrease signs of depression and anxiety.

A facial is a beautiful thing, and can be an educational one too. Did you know that estheticians love giving advice on how to keep your skin healthy year-round? For example, steeped green tea bags can help lessen dark circles around your eyes . One of our more popular facials is our Organic Deep Pore Cleansing Facial with LED Light Therapy. Get schooled at the spa and get more beautiful skin for life!

Lymphatic Therapy, Detoxification Foot Bath Spas, Waxing Services, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and non-surgical facelifts… these are all gifts that can make a life-changing difference in someone’s confidence. And with the Healthy Being Wellness Center Gift Card, they can choose these treatments on their own, so nobody will have to know. When they start looking firmer come February, just smile and wink.

2011 Holiday Spa Gift Certificates can be purchased in person at the center or online. Purchase a gift card today for that someone special in your life this 2011 Holiday Season.

2011 Holiday Spa Gift Certificates are:
  • Redeemable 365 days a year and never expire
  • Welcomed for ANY spa treatment your recipient desires
  • A fantastic corporate gift idea. Treat your employees and keep them motivated this holiday with the gift of spa. Customizable gift card packages, discounted in bulk. Get more info here.
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