Tuesday, August 28, 2012

C-Section Scars and Cesarean Incision Healing & Natural Treatments to Speed Healing

Recovering from a cesarean delivery can often be a slow process.  Our services at Healthy Being Wellness Center focused on pre and post delivery services to maximize healing and speed recovery time so new moms can enjoy their new, sweet bundles of joy.

Healing the scars from a cesarean delivery requires a new mom to take it easy days and even a few weeks post surgery.  We don't talk a lot about it, but a cesarean delivery is a major surgery and one that can pose a lot of potential risks and complications.   Some of our local hospitals conduct C-Sections about 44%-46% of the time, so there are a lot of new mother's in our are who are dealing with c-section healing.

Almost immediately post surgery, we recommend applying two serums to the incision site- honey and  pure vitamin E.  Honey has been a great scar reducer and helps minimize internal scarring. 

Massaging the scar is essential within 3-4 weeks of the surgery.  There is a process called cross fiber friction that we recommend.  It helps to break up any adhesions and scar tissue that may be beginning as the scar heals.  Some individuals are what I call super scar producers.  These are individuals who develop keloid or raised scars.

After surgery, scar tissue will develop where the surgical incision is in the skin. If muscles and tendons were cut or repaired, scar tissue will develop there. After injury like a cesarean section, scar tissue will develop in the muscle as it heals.  Scar tissue is the body’s normal method for healing body parts that are injured.

Massaging a scar that is not fully healed can cause damage to the developing scar tissue and this can delay healing. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the scar is fully closed and no scabbing present to begin scar massage.
 Cross-fiber friction involves doing transverse movements to the surgery site in order to loosen up their fibers.This can be performed by opposing thumbs moving in motions opposite one another.

Laser Scar removal is another recommendation and does not require the same waiting period as scar massage.  Laser treatments soften, smooth, flatten and restore skin to its normal texture quickly.  

At Healthy Being Wellness Center, I work with clients with a variety of scars and intense scar tissue and adhesions using a special zinc serum that enhances the natural healing process of the skin.  I apply the zinc serum to the incision site and within minutes begin using our blue light laser tool to improve the health, the look and the feel of the scar. 

Often, we'll see immediate and noticeable changes during our initial session. 

If you are suffering from an unsightly, raised or pink scar please consider scar massage or laser scar treatments to enhance your healing process.

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