Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bach Flower Remedy Consultations in St. Petersburg Fl at Healthy Being Wellness Center with Melissa Gallagher 727-502-3464

We offer in person and phone/skype consultation of Bach Flower Remedies.
The consultation is with Melissa Gallagher, our Bach Flower Therapist and trained Naturopath.  This consultation includes your unique essence mixture made for you based on an extensive survey and 60 minute consultation with Melissa.

These Essences are a great support in helping compose one’s emotional states. They are wonderful and helpful when taken to assist with all major life changes as well as for everyday stresses in life. They are also a blessing for Pets, Plants, and large animals. 

Session Length: 60 Min.

What are the Bach® Flower Essences?
There are 38 Essences for specific emotional and mental states, plus a 39th, the Rescue Remedy, a composite of 5 remedies designed for emergencies. 37 of the 38 are based on single wild flowers and tree blossoms, all growing naturally in the British Isles, apart from Vine, Olive and Cerato. The exception Rock Water is made from water from a natural spring with healing properties, near Mount Vernon, England.

How do they work?
Bach® Flower Essences, like other forms of natural medicine, take effect through treating the individual, not disease, or the symptoms of disease. They are not prescribed to cure physical illness or disease. They work specifically on the emotional/spiritual conditions of the person concerned. The Essences do not interfere with any forms of medical intervention, and can be taken in addition to all other forms of treatment.

Dr. Edward Bach, M.D., a physician and Homeopath well ahead of his time said, “Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is not a difficult far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it.” He also said healing depended on four factors:
  • The realization of the Divinity within us, and our consequent knowledge that we have the ability to overcome all harm.
  • The knowledge that disease is due to disharmony between our personality and our soul.
  • Our desire and ability to discover the fault that is causing the conflict.
  • The removal of that fault by our developing the opposite virtue”.
Two people, for example, with arthritis, may benefit from quite different essences. One may be resigned to their illness, while the other may be impatient with it, so different essences will be appropriate to each person. Each flower used has a specific, emotionally healing effect. They raise our very natures and bring us peace and they relieve our sufferings.

People do not have to be physically ill to benefit from the Essences. Many of us go through times of difficulty and fatigue when negativity creeps in; at these times the Essences are invaluable in restoring the balance before physical symptoms

The Essences are comprised of 7 categories:
Lack of Interest in Present Circumstances
Despondency & Despair
Over-care for Others Welfare

Do they have a placebo effect?
No. The Bach Essences are very effective with our babies, pets, and other animals, as well as helping people with little faith who try them as a last resort. Plants also benefit from the essences; gardeners find that they help plants to flourish when re-potting or when moved.
Using the Essences for established problems, the Essences have no adverse side effects.

If you have any questions about this therapy or would like to schedule an appointment please call our office- 727-502-3464 or visit our website for more information.

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