Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Non Pharmacological Pain Management Clinics Ease Pain Naturally in St. Petersburg Fl 33702

St. Petersburg Florida and Pinellas county is a hot bed for pain management clinics and drug enhance pain management programs.  Not only is pain management medication abuse and addiction a major problem for the entire state of Florida -our county, Pinellas County, happens to be the highest ranking county in pain management clinics and individuals on prescription pain medications is alarming.

We receive calls and inquiries from our spa clients about ways they can combat pain....severe pain from spinal issues, herniated discs, car accidents, dental surgery, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS and the list goes on.  We have clients as young as 17 who have been prescribed legal narcotics for pain that could be alleviated in a natural, more body-agreeable ways.

Recently, I've begun working with an amazing client who was a victim of the pain management system.  Her story resonates with so many other clients who come to my naturopathic practice seeking an alternative to pain management medications. Many of our clients are seeking the natural detoxification from pain management meds. 

I'd like to share today several recommendations for alternative options to pain management medications.  These alternatives are complimentary to your body and will not negatively or permanently impact your body and brain chemistry.

The one sad aspect that I see from pain management clinics and prescription pain meds is the alarming altering of an individuals bio chemistry.  The ability of these strong meds to change the hormone cycle, endanger the endocrine system - severely retarding the adrenals, thyroid and pituitary glands is overwhelming.  Often clients who are dealing with pain meds are also prescribed anti-depressants which further compounds the situation.

The common complain we here clients who choose natural and alternative pain management therapies is that the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, don't agree with their stomachs, and they are very wary of stronger meds or have taken them and found it just isn't the route they would prefer to take on their healing journey.

At Healthy Being Wellness Center we offer a pain management program designed to modulate and eliminate the impact of pain from both short-term and chronic conditions. This plan is also very beneficial to athletes who are suffering from injuries related to their chosen sport. Treatments include a medical evaluation, sports massage, education, acupuncture, and more.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a gentle, respectful treatment that addresses the source of many kinds of soft tissue pain. It treats muscular imbalances and connective tissue restrictions that cause joints to wear unevenly, movements to be restricted, and pain to result. The process helps to reintegrate the person into the body, creating an understanding of how the body communicates and the dynamics involved

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, rhythmical, precise massage therapy. MLD alleviates pain by greatly reducing the pain signals sent to the brain and also relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve tension caused by pain.

Acupuncture In acupuncture, disposable, stainless steel needles are used to stimulate the body's 14 major meridians, or energy-carrying channels, to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions by correcting these imbalances.
Acupuncture is also thought to decrease pain by increasing the release of chemicals that block pain, called endorphins.

Many acu-points are near nerves. When stimulated, these nerves cause a dull ache or feeling of fullness in the muscle. The stimulated muscle sends a message to the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), causing the release of endorphins (morphine-like chemicals produced in our own bodies during times of pain or stress). Endorphins, along with other neurotransmitters (body chemicals that modify nerve impulses), block the message of pain from being delivered up to the brain

Acupuncture isuseful as an accompanying treatment for many pain-related conditions, including: headache, low back pain, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and myofascial pain.

 Reiki This unique style of healing together with aromatherapy and connecting the breath with the muscles, will clear out patterns of tensions and restrictions. This will bring forth a sense of calmness to the body, peace of mind and a renewed spirit

Counseling will provide you with the space needed to release painful emotions as well as an opportunity to learn new, adaptive coping skills to deal with life’s difficulties. You will learn techniques, such as guided imagery and other relaxation methods that specifically target your ability to shift attention away from the pain thereby reducing discomfort. Integrating these new coping skills will pave the path to emotional and physical pain relief, making each day pleasurable and pain-free

Here are several supplementation recommendations that should accompany the therapies outlined above:

  • Fish oil: For joint pain from arthritis or autoimmune disorders
What the science says: Digested fish oil breaks down into hormone-like chemicals called prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation. In one study, about 40 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients who took cod-liver oil every day were able to cut their NSAID use by more than a third, Scottish scientists recently reported. People with neck and back pain have fared even better: After about 10 weeks, nearly two-thirds were able to stop taking NSAIDs altogether in a University of Pittsburgh study.

Dosage: Taking 1,000 mg is proven to help your heart, but you should up the dose for pain. For osteoarthritis, try 2,000 to 4,000 mg daily; for rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases associated with joint pain (such as lupus), consider a much higher dose of upwards of 8,000 mg daily

  • SAM-e (S adenosylmethionine): For osteoarthritis
What the science says: SAM-e is made from a naturally occurring amino acid and sold as capsules. Doctors aren't entirely sure why it tamps down pain, but it reduces inflammation and may increase the feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine.

Studies by the University of Maryland School of Nursing and the University of California, Irvine, showed that SAM-e was as effective as some NSAIDs in easing osteoarthritis aches; the California researchers found that SAM-e quashed pain by 50 percent after 2 months, though it took a few weeks to kick in. SAM-e produced no cardiovascular risks and fewer stomach problems than the conventional meds.

  • Aquamin: For osteoarthritis
What the science says: This red seaweed supplement is rich in calcium and magnesium. A preliminary clinical study showed that the ingredients may reduce joint inflammation or even help build bone, says David O'Leary of Marigot, Aquamin's Irish manufacturer. In a study of 70 volunteers published in Nutrition Journal, Aquamin users reduced arthritis pain by 20 percent in a month, and had less stiffness than patients taking a placebo.

Dosage: 2,400 mg a day (two capsules) of Aquamin in tablet form.

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