Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Health Tip: Beat Cold and Flu Season with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Melissa Gallagher in St Petersburg Florida at Heathy Being Wellness Center 33702 727-502-3464

As a lymphatic drainage therapist, I often work with individuals during the winter holiday season who complain of sinus congestion, head colds and are battling cold and flu season.

The big question my clients ask is how do I keep my sinuses clear, decongested and how can I minimize head aches, sinus pressure and ringing, stuffy ears?

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy can help clear and cleanse your largest detox organ, your lymphatic system.  We have lymphatic nodes and vessels that branch out over every square inch of our bodies.  The lymph system has a fragile network of lymphatic vessels and capillaries, similar to the vascular system, that require constant cleansing and pumping to detoxify and cleanse every organ, gland and cell within out bodies.

Often, when the immune system is enhanced to fight off viral or bacterial invasions, this system get bogged down with the excess of cellular waste and excess proteins that bind together creating a sluggish and slow flowing lympahtic system.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is the resource to help break up these proteins and move the system.Help boost your immune system and beat cold and flu season to help drain the sinus cavity.

Watch this video for more info:

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