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Natural Practitioner provides Lymph Drain Massage Therapy to Reduce Lymphatic Pain and Lymphedema Swelling after Cancer Surgery and Cancer Treatments in St Petersburg Fl 33702

Recently, I was interviewed by to learn more about lymphatic massage therapy and the option this therapy presents for cancer patients.  I wanted to share the interview here for folks to read. is an amazing resource for cancer patients and their families with great information about integrative cancer care.

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This is the interview:~~~~~~~~~~~~

You may have heard of lymphatic massage to relieve lymphedema (swelling after some cancer treatments due to stagnated fluids and wastes). But a newer therapy--electro lymphatic therapy -- may be more effective than manual massage in boosting the lymphatic system when it no longer effectively performs its role of moving toxins. Studies are ongoing to determine the effectiveness of electro lymphatic massage in improving lymph flo


Manual lymphatic massage and electro lymphatic therapy are used after cancer treatment to address the following:

  • Reduce swelling                              
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Boost the immune system and decrease chance for infection
  • Work on pain and spasms
  • Work on tension

What is electro lymphatic therapy? Why is it possibly more effective?

“It’s a high-frequency vibrational technology. And it has two capacities, which combined have in my experience made it substantially more effective than manual lymphatic massage to improve lymph flow,” says Melissa Gallagher, a certified electro lymphatic therapist and naturopathic physician.
“One, we can go deeper into the body to reach organs and glands.  Two, we can break up excess, toxic proteins that cause problems,” claims Dr. Gallagher.

What you may experience with electro lymphatic therapy. And how it works

A lymphatic drainage therapist uses a hand-held device to send high-frequency electrical pulses and light photons into your lymphatic system.
“The way it works is the light photons stimulate cells to produce more energy. This process breaks up proteins between the cells that have become trapped due to poor lymph flow. And it improves oxygen absorption. Ultimately, electro lymphatic therapy reduces pain and inflammation. It breaks up deeply rooted lymphatic congestion. It enhances your immunity, and reduces your chance for infection,” says Dr. Gallagher.
The procedure is painless, and actually very calming because it works on the nervous system.”

Which cancer patients best respond to electro lymphatic therapy?

The therapists who use it claim it’s quite effective with ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and  abdominal organ cancers like pancreas and liver cancer.
“In these cases we need to clear and decongest the lymphatics that sit below these organs and along the spine,” says Dr. Gallagher.
“These cancers tend to have more long-term lymphedema post cancer treatment, as do breast cancer, gynecological cancers, and melanoma.”

All cancer patients may benefit from electro lymphatic therapy

“I strongly recommend this procedure or some type of lymphatic drainage for anyone who has undergone chemotherapy, radiation, organ removal, lymph node removal, and/or lymph node dissection. Lymphatic drainage assists the body in healing and detoxification from the harmful impact of these treatments,” says Dr. Gallagher.

More details on conditions addressed by electro lymphatic therapy

Reduces swelling. Releases electrically bonded protein blockages within the lymphatic system and between cells where fluids build.  Affected areas can then dispose of waste.

Boosts immune system. By improving lymphatic flow, the therapy enables the body to play its normal functions: producing antibodies that destroy foreign invaders. Removing toxins, waste products, and even cancer cells.

Reduces chronic pain. By breaking up congestion,electro lymphatic drainage reduces inflammation, and consequently lessens swelling and pain. It possibly inhibits pain receptors. 

Enhances central nervous system. Electro lymphatic therapy improves lymphatic flow on specific reflex points (also called energy meridians or acupressure points). The result is improved energy flow of the nervous system. You will experience immediate calm and peace.


Be aware that most devices using high-frequency vibrations to treat lymphedema are not FDA-cleared, so there is no standard to ensure their effectiveness and safety. The research is minimal, but emerging. A pilot study in Australia showed one manufacturer’s device  to be safe and effective for lymphedema in breast cancer patients. And a study at the University of Denton in Texas showed, with measuring tools, that an electro lymphatic device stimulated the lymphatic portion of the autonomic nervous system—it improved lymph flow by stimulating nerves around the vessels. If you are considering this treatment, you should find someone who is certified in electro lymphatic therapy.

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