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Lymphedema Treatment Center for Lymphedema in St Petersburg, Florida

At Healthy Being Wellness Center, our Naturopath and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Melissa Gallagher provides services and therapies for lymphedema patients.
Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons:
  • Primary lymphedema
  • Secondary lymphedema
  • Lymphatic elephantitis
  • Malignant lymphedema
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • Lipidema
  • Lipolymphedema
  • Edema secondary to Congestive Heart Failure
  • Post-Phlebitic Syndrome
  • Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
  • Post Surgical Swelling
  • Chemotherapy and radiation related edema and lymphedema
If you are suffering from mild to extreme edema that may be pitting or you have experienced you skin thickening and getting harder, drier, darker, crusty, tight, shiny and painful- you need to seek treatment.  There is no way to reverse your condition without extensive decongestive therapies. 
Lymphedema is a slow and progressive problem that goes through several stages.  Over time, structural changes will occur in the affected extremity(ies).  Protein deposits will cause fibrotic plaques that cause further increase in fluid retention.  The skin will actually change in structure, becoming less flexible, thicker and dryer and therefore more susceptible for wounds caused by cracks in the skin.

Recommended treatments in lymphatic and venous disorders will depend heavily on the individual diagnosis, and will include lymphatic drainage therapies, compression therapies, homeopathic and herbal remedies, dietary management, decongestive exercise and patient education.

 In the context of lymphedema, we have very specific short- and long-term goals:
  • Maximal reduction of edema and restoration of normal volume of the limbs
  • Optimal skin care and maintenance of normal skin texture
  • Reduction of the risk of recurrent infection
  • Maximal restoration of normal function of the limbs
  • Education to foster independent maintenance of health
Treatment of lymphedema is accomplished through a variety and variation of complex decongestive lymphatic therapies.

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy:
  • Lymphatic Drainage: A specialized technique that stimulates lymphatic flow and has been shown to reduce the incidence of infection. Our therapist, Melissa Gallagher, can reduce edema in areas not readily accessible to compression devices and garments (head, chest, shoulder, back, flank, and groin). The massage techniques are also effective in the promotion of wound healing and the restoration of normal skin texture.
  • Multilayer Compressive Bandaging: Special short-stretch bandages are applied in a specific manner to provide a pressure gradient that reduces edema volume.
  • Decongestive Exercises: Simple muscular exercises promote venous and lymphatic flow.
  • Meticulous Skin Care: Assessment and maintenance of skin integrity is a central issue in the care of individuals with lymphedema.
  • Patient Education: Melissa Gallagher will give clients and their families extensive home-care instruction. Home maintenance is critical to management of these chronic conditions. Self-administered manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, use of compression garments (and devices, as needed), a home exercise program, and skin care techniques are all taught during treatment at the center. Therapy of posthrombotic syndrome/chronic venous insufficiency involves an individualized program that incorporates many of these principles.
  • Other compressive methods and devices:
    • Compressive Garments: Custom-fitted sleeves, stockings, and other garments are utilized to maintain long-term reductions in limb volume.
    • Exercise: Group and individual exercise programs promote strength and increased motion.
    • Other devices: Farrow wraps, the Flexi-touch device, pneumatic sequential pumps, the Reid sleeve, the Legacy sleeve, the CircAid device, and others.
Treatment plans vary per client.  We often see clients every day for a series of weeks or we will see them every other day for a few weeks- it depends on each case and the level of lymphatic insufficiency. The combination of education, exercise, bandaging, diet, homeopathic remedies and lymphatic drainage therapy will help in moving the lymphatic to reduce swelling.

Our clients often experience immediate reduction in limb size and weight loss.  An average of 10-12lbs can be lost in a matter of just a few days of lymphatic drainage treatment, bandaging and at home work.

Please give us a call to schedule your appointment for complete lymphedema treatment at Healthy Being Wellness Center.

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