Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tampa Bay 2013 Valentine's Day Spa Preview Party - What a Great Spa Party!

Yesterday day is one of those day's I had envisioned years ago as I plotted out my plan to provide wellness and healing services to a community in need of self-care, balancing and some much needed zen-oriented quite time.  I modeled a business plan that would include moms, wives, professionals and individuals focused on seeking balance and wellness in their daily lives.  I wanted to cater to a population who are the leaders in their homes, businesses and communities who give so much to others, but not always to themselves.  Being one myself, sometime the hardest aspect to balance into that mix is the art of self care. 

In Photo:  Teresa (Making it All Work),  Chrissy (Loving Life), Denise of (RUNDMT), Caroline (My Fascinating Life), Crystal(Thrifty and Frugal Living)
How exciting to have it manifest into our first ever Blogger's Only Spa event.  What a day it was.  We hosted a small faction of local tampa bay blogger's who's personal blogs focus on their own wellness journeys. 

Spa pampering and spa parties get me jazzed up.  I love seeing the physical, mental and emotional transformation that occurs after a massage, a facial, an acupuncture session or any number of the services we offer at Healthy Being Wellness Center.  My team and I love the energy these parties bring into our center, but more importantly we love the transformations they yield in our participants lives - even if it's just a little spaa-aahhh relaxation for 3 hours.  Who couldn't use more relaxation, quite time and self-focused TLC??

Healthy Refreshments
Our plan for the blogger's was to give them a preview our of Valentine's Day Spa menu.  They had a round robin sampling of spa services that ranged from hot stone foot massage to moisturizing paraffin wax treatments on their hands to receiving ear seeds to help address stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and overall balance.  We even offered them facials and rose petal leg wraps (smaller version of our body wraps) It was so cute seeing the ladies come out of the rooms glowing, smiling and happy. 

The other enriching element of our party was the networking and socializing.  Many of the ladies belong to a facebook group called Tampa Bay Bloggers -- and that was where our event really went viral.  Gotta love the social media sphere - as a business professional with 35-40 hours of client time weekly- it's not always so simple and easy to connect with folks, but social media facebook and all the other venues out there make connecting so easy.  

Getting Ear Seeds

We met folks I call - Wellness Warriors - individuals who are making significant differences in not only their lives, but the lives of others.  One woman was reviewing a book that exposed her to a much healthier, clean way of eating- sans sugar, dairy and all the other "yummy' elements of eating.

We met one amazing woman,  who set for her wellness plan to lose weight - so far more than 212 lbs, but more importantly she chose to nourish herself with self care and choices that created a healthier her.  Her journey was highlighted in an interview on Yahoo yesterday-- she made the front page of Yahoo.  You have to read this!  So inspiring!

With Raffi of Running Betty -left -(she created my logo)
As a wellness, nutrition and health focused blogger- I'm more inspired to connect more with you, my community of readers and hope you'll notice the transformation in my stories after this great event.

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