Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tampa Bay March 2013 Spa Specials on Facials, Seaweed Body Wraps and Detox Massage at Healthy Being Wellness Center

We celebrate March Madness and St. Patty's Day services here at Healthy Being Wellness Center.

Our March Spa Specials are: 
Lucky Seven Herb Facial $55 - (50min) All organic, natural & green, seven herb facial that gently exfoliates and hydrates skin with nourishing minerals and nutrients.  This intensive facial purifies, revitalizes, tones and firms the skin gently while thoroughly cleansing and the releasing pores of impurities.  This special lucky facial restores youthful elasticity and firmness.

Organic Green Seaweed Detoxifying Body Wrap $65 - (50min)  This treatment combines a gentle dry brush exfoliation with a nourishing seaweed wrap and moisturizing lotion application. A soft bristle brush is used to promote circulation, enhance lymphatic flow and to exfoliate the skin, followed by an application of our pre-warmed seaweed mud.

This wrap facilitates the absorption of all the rich minerals and bio-trace elements from the seaweed and helps to tone and detoxify the body. this treatment is excellent for skin toning and detoxification.  The special properties of seaweed help the elasticity of skin tissue, increase circulation, stimulate metabolism, and promote detoxification.

Seaweed, a rich crop of the ocean, has a high concentration of seawater minerals, and provides a virtual pharmacy of beneficial elements, used in our body wraps.

St. Patrick's Day Hangover Helper $75 - (90min) A special therapy session that helps the body flush out all the waste from festive St. Patty's Day celebrations.  We incorporate aromatherapy oils  and lymphatic drainage therapy that help cleanse the lymph system and/or liver while addressing specific reflexology points that correspond with the liver to detoxify the entire body.  This treatment is paired with a refreshing ginger infused detox foot bath.

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