Monday, November 18, 2013

Healthy Being Gets a Transformation! And so does Melissa! :)

As with any business, change is part of the landscape for growth.  The past two years I had been contemplating making a change that would bring back the focus of Healthy Being to be more inline with my original intentions.

Within a span of a couple of years, my business model and plan had changed and adapted with the influence of staff and outside mentors- Healthy Being was morphing into a wellness oriented spa with a large location, 7 day operation and a decent amount of overhead and payrolling requirements.  Healthy Being was busy and providing amazing healing for the clientele seeking services offered by staff I had hired.  But, we were getting away from my original vision - and as I had chosen the path - deep down there was a lack of congruency and a feeling like I was missing the mark on the true purpose of Healthy Being.

My own practice as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Lymphatic Therapist were booming and required more time.  I had other outside influences that demanded my time and in the end I felt torn, frustrated, spent and unfulfilled.  One key question that always swirled around in my thoughts was - "How can I be legitimate and authentic if I am as stressed or more stressed than the clients I manage?"  Shouldn't I be the example, the positive, guiding influence who is the epitome of stressing less, balancing life in a healthy, happy and fulfilling way? 
These responsibilities of staff management and running the operation were wearing on me in more ways that I could have ever imagined.  Owning a business, large or small, is a full time, 24-7, round the clock operation - you live, eat, breathe and dream the business.  It was stressful - even though I had created an zen, aromatherapy-filled, relaxing environment, I was buzzing with stress.  The stories of staffing crisis/issues/drama etc could fill it's own blog article, but the bare fact is that with each taller and wackier story the universe was speaking to me.  For several months I ignored the call of the universe until it got louder and louder.   You know how that goes.... it starts with a little sign and over time it is a neon billboard that you just cannot miss reading regardless of the depth of your denial.  I credit the amazing insight of an amazing lady who was always supportive, level headed, drama free and real said - "Melissa, you don't need all this space, you don't need all this drama and stress.  You just need a nice room and you can do even bigger and better healing. It would be so much better for you. You need to take care of yourself"  Talk about an AHA moment. took me several months to really have the real AHA- but it came and when it did I decided definitely to make the change. And I thank her for relaying the message.

Life is fun and it's never boring!  For me, there are periods of time where I may walk forward just outside the trail, but there is always a way the universe brings me back to center.  A few instrumental changes occurred in 2012/2013 that forced focus.  The first began with the quick decline and passing of my dearest Grandmother.  The last occurred with the abrupt passing of my 66yr old uncle.  Gram's passing is still too fresh and leaves me with a deep punch in the gut feeling of heartache.  How I miss that amazing woman! Ugh... but I often heard her words of widsom and her gentle spirit reminding me that this change was good, was necessary and all would be ok. 

I believe there are no coincidences in life and as soon as I decided to make a change, the universe responded in an amazing and quick way. Just like the decision I made 6 years ago, it was back to propel me faster and further towards my goals.  My lease ended a month and a half earlier than I had expected - my landlord asked to pay me to get out of the lease... seriously - bonus! And I found an amazing spot that is professional, safe, cozy and inviting that serves as the perfect spot for healing and wellness. 

Be careful what you wish for... sometimes, it comes very quickly! Faster than you can even imagine.  It's an amazing blessing and to be open to receive makes it even speedier.  And on that note - I am a big believer in vision boards and use them as a goal roadmap.  For me visualizing my plan, my goals and my desires is huge - it connects me to my higher self.  I had written a caveat on the goal board and it essentially manifested in moving out in half the time. Literally down to the day marked on the board. Visions boards have intense power - if you can connect with all your being and in an honest, authentic way list your heart's desires there are serious shifts to experience.

As with any choice, people can often get hurt.  Egos can be ruffled and I am sure there were folks I encountered on my journey at the center who were not happy with the change.  I had been blessed with working next to some amazing healers.  All to which I am grateful, but ultimately I realized I needed to make a change.  Healthy Being needed a change. 

As I have fielded calls or questions from clients - the most common comment is about how I left Healthy Being.  It makes me chuckle... no, I tell them.... I am Healthy Being.  It is this precise commentary that lead me to the reason for the change and the necessity for a re-brand and a re-focus. 

I am excited to share this transformation with you and am working on outreach and education via social media, webinars, seminars, ebooks and getting back into my groove as a wellness resource for my community. 

I hope you'll follow me on twitter -- @MelGalStPete & @HealthbyMelissa and follow my new facebook page /healthybeingbymelissa   I am also starting a photo journal via instagram.

Let's connect!

In wellness,
Melissa :)

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