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Feeling Stressed? Reach for the Flowers.... The Amazing Healing Power of Flower Remedies to Energize

If you are feeling at all emotionally or physically drained or a bit off balance there is hope and it lies just outside your doors.. or something like that.  Beyond drugs, herbs and even traditional homeopathy is something quite amazing and very natural.  The essence of flowers.

As the ancient civilizations brewed up various elements of flowers, plants and trees for healing, medicinal purposes the continuation of that has morphed into the modern day by collecting dew from certain plants to capture their healing energies.  Sounds a little far fetched, but I have been using these as a therapist for over 10 years and personally for over 15 and have seen tremendous results.

Flower remedy therapy is another modality or element that I professionally use to help balance my clients.  Particularly, flower remedies focus on mental and emotional balance.  To ignore the mind and mental/emotional aspect of healing is to disregard our most powerful and abundant source of healing.

There is much research and recent clinical data supporting the fact that what we think, focus on, worry about, obsess and fantasize about can manifest in various health ailments and concerns.  When focusing on creating mind, body, emotional healing - flower remedies are great!

There are so many to discuss but I want to share two that are my favorites.  Nearly even client I encounter is stressed.  Who isn't stressed?  Mental and emotional can be exhausting and even worse the source of serious illness and dis-ease.  As such Olive and Hornbeam are great flower remedies to implement daily to help manage stress from an internal perspective.

 Lack of adequate energy and exhaustion plague many people. Exhaustion may manifest as weariness, lack of interest in the world and/or events, inertia and a general fatigue.

Hornbeam Flower Essence

In today’s fast paced world mental exhaustion precedes physical exhaustion. Because most of us work at jobs that require mental level focus and concentration. And there is often not much physical activity. For this use a steady dose of Hornbeam flower essence. 

This amazing flower remedy will help you to shake off the patterns you feel trapped by. Hornbeam flower essence is for mental exhaustion we all know the feeling, which comes as dread in the face of our daily routine. The mental fatigue this essence works addresses is around the dreariness of routine, the doldrums and lack of fulfillment. Here are the characteristics indicative of those needing Hornbeam Flower Essence:

  • You feel you don’t have the energy to face your day
  • You wake feeling more tired than when you went to bed
  • Expect work to be tiring, you lack enthusiasm
  • You feel heavy and tired all the time
  • You miss your vitality
  • You have that “Monday Morning” feeling often

Olive flower essence
Where as Hornbeam is related to exhaustion at the mental level Olive flower essence works with physical exhaustion. This remedy is strongly indicated for those who take their physical bodies to the limit and end up suffering from it. It is indicated for those who are exhausted from:

  • not enough sleep
  • overwork
  • debilitating illness
  • poor diet
  • great productivity

Olive flower essence is for those who ignore the warning systems of the body. The body is keen to inform us when we have gone too far and are at the brink of exhaustion. To expend yourself improperly leads to energy depletion and exhaustion. Olive flower essence helps you transition to healthier patterns and more vitality. When using Olive flower essence be sure to get enough rest, a physical check up and eat well.

How to  Use

I like to see clients take fowers 2-3x a day. Especially before their more stressful events/activities.  Work - relationships- family etc.  

In addition to using these essences internally I also suggest adding Hornbeam to a spray bottle and misting your space. This will keep the energy around you fresh. 

Also keep a bottle by your computer to keep yourself fresh and lively while you work. Hornbeam is great for tired eyes, to enliven the eyes add a few drops to a warm moist towel and put over the eyes.

If stress is plaguing you and you want to look at using flower remedies, please feel free to contact me.  I provide clients consultation in person and on the phone and have a very extensive intake from from training in flower therapy.  Call the office:  727-502-3464 to schedule your individualized session.
Melissa Gallagher, ND

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