Sunday, September 21, 2014

St Pete Natural and Extreme Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Program with Nutritionsist Melissa Gallagher in St Petersburg Fl 33702

Weight loss is complicated- period.  There is no one quick fix, one magic pill or single diet that magically sheds weight off your body with warp speed. Nearly 75% of us are on a "diet" and they just don't work!! 

To get to the root of weight loss and boosted metabolism it's ABSOLUTELY necessary to look at the entire metabolic and endocrine system- the system that manages weight. 

Weight management boils down to balancing these 4 Elements:
  1. Stress
  2. Hormones
  3. Nutrient Balance
  4. Metabolic Process (manage metabolic syndrome)

Hormones and weight loss really is more than eating less and doing more.  

At the core of my plan with my clients is STRESS and WEIGHTLOSS!
STRESS is one of the worst things that impairs and compromises your weight loss goals.  Without addressing stress - one will never be able to fully be able to achieve the result of weight loss goals.

Stress comes in many forms:
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Environmental
The body under stress and especially chronic stress will present as sugar and carb cravings, decreased energy and adrenal fatigue, adrenal burn out, high cortisol levels, thyroid imbalance, high blood pressure and the list goes on.
What I do is use a specialized Saliva test to measure YOUR Coritsol (stress hormone) levels in a 24-hour time frame.  This gives us an idea throughout the day the degree of stress and production of the stress hormone.
The impact of stress and cortisol in women RESULTS in estrogen imbalances and high glucose levels and elevated insulin levels which directly results in WEIGHT GAIN

So, first testing/assessing stress levels and then managing them is at the CORE of weight loss. While we cannot escape our lives and the stressors in them - we can work to actively reduce the stressors and the body's response to them.  I use a customized combination of herbs, homeopathics and glandulars to help reset the body's stress response.

Hormone Imbalance = Weight Managment issues!!
Hormones are an intricate and complex system of chemical responses driven by certain glands within your body.  Testing is key to assess where your hormone levels are and then seeking to address to root imbalance is my mission with each and every client. 

Each program is unique and individualized.  

Nutrient Deficiencies = STRESS = WEIGHT GAIN
As a nutritionist assessing key nutrient deficiencies is one of the core aspects of my "diet" program.  Really what we do is feed your body the most nutrient dense diet so that we can begin to allow the body to self correct with the intake of essential nutrient building blocks. 

Many things need to be evaluated at the same time to assess the dynamics of the system.  One of the first things I do with my weight loss clients it to begin an assessment test that measures stress levels, hormone levels, in

Hormones are HOMEODYNAMIC - an adaptive kind of balance occurs.  Essentially this means that the body - even when imbalanced- will seek some sort of "balance."  What we see is the stealing of certain hormones (in a state of imbalance) to make the stress hormones.  With this stealing Metabolic syndrome is the ultimate yield of



To really proceed in a long term weight loss program - addressing metabolic syndrome and its underlying causes is essential to promoting a healthy, effective and permanent weight loss and complete metabolic reset.

If any part of this article resonates with you - it is my hope that you will consider looking into the deeper- underlying- root cause of your weight management and metabolic challenges.

Test all the comprehensive hormone levels.  Assess stress in your life. Create a nutrient dense and nutrient enriched diet. And don't work alone.  Do this with a professional.

I would love to help work with you! My plan is comprehensive and individualized and you are not ALONE on this journey.  It is possible to have permanent weight loss and health balancing results.  I work with clients over the phone, via skype and in my office.

 If you want to get started immediately- the first thing I'd recommend is to order a Weight Management Lab Test to be able to assess all the key hormones and levels leading to weight gain, hormone imbalance and metabolic syndrome. 
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