Friday, November 14, 2014

Healing the Healer - A Healing Journey of a Naturopathic Physician

Cannot believe how fast this week has gone!  My weekend was spent last week up at FSU for the homecoming game against Virginia.  It was a fun week of reliving my college youth and realizing I'm not 21 anymore! Man oh man!

This week played catch up with lots of clients and refocusing. I love this time of year as it helps you focus on your year end goals and establish new goals.  I hate the carry of over of goals I didn't quite achieve.  And as there are only 8 more weeks in the year, I have a lot to get going on!

I wanted to share a video I made and shared with my online viewing community at YouTube.  I'm so honestly blown away by the positive response of the changes I made to my blog and the raw voice it now has reflecting MY real time, real life journey.

I'm honored to be an inspiration, a guide and a resource!

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