Sunday, November 25, 2007

12 Days of a Green Christmas: 12 Ways to Have a Green, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

The holidays often reflect our gluttonous, materialistic nature as we hit the malls for black Friday and scour store isles for every loved one, friend, colleague and associate on our large holiday list. This time, now more than ever is an opportunity for our society to recognize the growing problem and the role our materialism plays in destroying our environment.

In looking into how to be more environmentally conscious this season, I was horrified to find that in the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas; consumers throw away 1 million extra tons of trash. In an effort to promote awareness and reduce the amount of environmental distress, Healthy Being has compiled a 12 step list that can help individuals and families achieve a more environmentally friendly holiday celebration.

1. Buy a potted or balled Christmas Tree and plant after use
2. If you already have a fake tree; use it.
3. Recycle your wreath into chips and shavings to reuse in your yard
4. Use LED Energy Saving Christmas Lights (saves 90% more energy)
5. Recycle and Re Use old Holiday Gift Wrap and Gift Bags
6. Give Thoughtful Gifts – give a gift of time (dinner at home) or edible gifts versus a bought material gift.
7. Donate to a charity in the name of your loved one or friend
8. Use your own canvas or recycled shopping bags when purchasing gifts at stores.
9. Send paper free, email holiday cards via an on line photo slideshow (
10. When hosting a holiday party- use real plates and silverware. Avoid disposable flatware, glasses, tablecloths and dishes.
11. When purchasing gifts; Give Green, Organic and Fair Trade Gifts (
12. Conserve energy by burning soy, beeswax or vegetable wax candles

If we could all ban together to be conscious of our choices; perhaps we could make a slight impact in reversing the progression of global warming.
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