Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Rush: The Maintenance of Multitasking and Stopping to Smell the Roses

Today I saw the craziest thing I think I've seen in a long while. On my way to run an errand, I was stopped at a stop light and opposite me crossing the street was a young man riding a bike with no hands, while talking on his cell phone and concentrating on eating his ice cream bar. I thought to myself, how busy and multitasking have we as a community become? Although I laughed at this bizarre and quite dangerous sight; I felt sad that we can no longer take time to enjoy and be contented with just riding a bike or having a great conversation with a friend on a phone or eating a delicious bar of ice cream.

There is a reason we are a society of blackberries or crackberries, as they have been so popularly coined. Our children's schedules are bursting at the seams with ballet lessons, football games, soccer practices, birthday parties and play dates. Every minute of our days are maximized and over scheduled like the airlines.

Are we running away from life itself or is life running away from us? Whatever may be the case, I think that we are missing the opportunity to be mindful and conscientious of the joy and revelation often found in those moments we fill by overlapping additional moments on one another. Laughter, the sound of a quiet house, enjoying a great run without an ipod, listening to the birds chirping while driving in the car may bring additional joys to your day as well as open up time for deep thoughts and revelations to present themselves to you. Perhaps decreasing the craziness, reducing the buzz of your hectic life and slowing down may be a way for the universe to provide us guidance and answer to our thoughts and prayers.

As we celebrate the holidays with our loved ones and friends, the next progression is the closing of the year and the annual life assessment and creation of the new years resolution list. As you and your family celebrate the new year, I hope that taking the time to smell the roses is in the top ten of your list.
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