Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting Ready for Valentines Day Dinner: 12 Most Potent, Natural Aphrodisiac

With Valentines Day around the corner, I've compiled the 12 most potent aphrodisiacs to enhance the romantic, Valentines Day Dinner and desserts:

Chile Peppers

Their heat releases endorphins, the primary pleasure enzyme.


This mouthwatering fruit is rich in potassium and vitamins A and C and contains iron—all "noted nutrients for improving horizontal salsa."


Breath-sweetening mint is also known "for increasing appetites of all kinds."


Whether raw, pickled, or candied, this root is said to increase sensitivity in the erogenous zones.


The "Nectar of Aphrodite" (and the root of the word "honeymoon"), honey boosts energy, according to Reiley.


Reiley recommends nibbling on dark chocolate for a "serotonin boost" and a modest amount of caffeine.


"The muse of poets and philosophers since the beginning of recorded time, mangoes are prescribed in India to increase male libido," says Reiley.


The rare and expensive spice has been used throughout history in rituals of beauty and love, according to Reiley.


"These protein-rich morsels are outstanding in helping sustain stamina" and their blossoms are "an international symbol of fertility."


With its invigorating aroma and flavor, "rosemary could easily be called one of the kitchen's most sensual foods."


The scent of this podlike fruit of an orchid is said to arouse both men and women.


When cut open, this fruit is said to resemble a certain female body part. It is also rich in energy-boosting iron.

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