Monday, March 10, 2008

HPV- Natural Cures & Treatment Program for Cervical Dysplasia

Hello Ladies! Since we are the only sex that can officially be tested for HPV or Human Papillomavirus it is a serious STD that impacts at least 80 % of women in the US alone. Younger age groups are more susceptible, but older 20 and 30 somethings need to be conscious of treating this very silent and potentially life threatening virus that causes cervical cancer.

The single best natural remedy program to cure you of HPV is a 3 month supplemental program that focuses on increasing your immunity and protecting your cervical health and the health of your fertility.

Research suggests that women who have lower levels of Folic Acid are more prone to HPV. And, as a virus, HPV attacks the immune system.

Too often doctors want to perform cryosurgery, LEEP procedures and biopsies that literally remove abnormal cervical tissue (cervical dysplasia) from your cervical wall. The pain and decrease of these cells and the cervical wall put women at risk for issues in future pregnancies. These procedures are indeed necessary for elevated stages of HPV, but 70% of HPV cases go away in time.

Natural Treatment Options for Cervical Dysplasia:

Women have had amazing results from taking a high daily dosage of Folic Acid
combined with Cell Forte- an amazing blend of IP-6 (inositol) that increases your immune system from a cellular level. Taking this mix in between irregular Pap Tests is worth considering.

Similarly, cut out alcohol and sugars as much as possible and consume a rich diet of veggies, protein and calcium.

I can attest that this mix helped me beat a virus that was utterly frustrating and draining on my system.


Have a question about HPV? Are you looking to battle this and want to consider natural options?

We understand how you feel!

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