Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shedding Light on Mommy Blues- LIght therapy and postpartum depression

So, we've sprung ahead, recently it was Day Light Saving Time. But what do new moms do when the time change and additional light in our days just does not cut through their new baby blues? Postpartum depression is a common mood disorder and is found in at least 10-15% of all new moms.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Depression & Postpartum Depression:
Social Withdrawl
Increased appetite
Carb cravings

For many mothers, especially those breastfeeding their babies, they choose not to take antidepressant drugs. There are other postpartum treatment options and the most beneficial- apart from diet- is light therapy. There have been numerous studies that have utilized Bright Light, Full Spectrum light therapy (10,000 lux).

It is very natural for new moms to experience spikes of hormones that may cause a slight, moderate or even a severe case of depression. Luckily, light therapy may represent a viable, nonpharmacologic treatment for postpartum depression, especially for women who choose to breast-feed their babies.


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