Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Preparing for a Cross Country Flight: Natural Ways to Deal with Air Travel & Jet Lag

Well, I'm getting prepared for a little vacation to the West Coast. My friend and I are heading out to LA and Santa Monica for a wedding this weekend. I'm super excited to get away and as always- I bring my natural health world with me on my trips.

Our flight to LA will be a two leg trip and will be about 7 or 8 hours of combined travel time. In preparation- the day before I drink a ton of water to get hydrated for the air travel. Air travel can be taxing on the entire system-- it dries out your skin, sinuses and eyes and increases the capacity to catch germs and colds. To avoid even more germs- I always carry a small bottle of germX and use after I touch anything.

Getting sleep the night before is key and I use herbal sleepy tea to get to bed earlier than usual so that I am refreshed in the morning.

During my travel- I carry melatonin- a natural way to adjust to the longer days on the west coast. I take one tablet before bed and usually it gets me adjusted within a day. To help relax I carry a small bottle of lavender oil- I use it to freshen up my hotel bed sheets and will use it in a bath or steam shower after travels. The lavender naturally will kill any germs that your nasal passages have been exposed to- plus lavender oil smells great and provides the relaxation needed after long air travel.

A Natural Trips for Air Travel:

1 Hydrate the day before travel-- drink at least 2 liters of H20 and drink lots of water the day of travel too
2. Avoid alcohol and coffee day before and day of air travel
3. carry saline based nasal spray -- use before, during and after flight to keep nasal passages moist and fight germs
4. carry a small bottle of GermX
5. Banana -- helps minimize dehydration on the plane
6. Airborne -- to go packs or fizzies -- great for nipping any germ exposure in the bud.
7. Lavender Oil -- spray on sheets or enjoy a nice lavender steam bath

Have a question about preparing for your long trip?

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