Monday, May 5, 2008

Tips for Buying Vitamins, Herbal Supplements & Omega Fish Oils Online from Ebay & EStores

This week, Healthy Being Products will be updating and redesigning our ebay store. Healthy Being Products sells natural health & wellness products like vitamins, herb pharm, herbal supplements, homeopathic medicine, organic soap, omega 3 fish oils from brands like Theraneem, Nordic Naturals, Enzymatic Therapy, Quantum, Bach Flower Remedies, Youthful Essentials, Nelsons and Shikai.

We often receive emails through our ebay store about how to purchase the right vitamins and supplements for each individual. We have compiled a few suggestions that may help ebay shoppers as well as those who shop for vitamins and herbal supplements in their local markets find the best vitamins and supplement to address their particular needs.

Top 5 Tips on How to Buy the Best Vitamins & Supplements

1. Read the Supplement Facts label - check out the ingredients. Avoid vitamins and supplements that may contain artificial flavors, coloring and sugar. Many vitamins and supplements actually have added chemicals and preservatives that are either toxic and/ or harmful to our bodies.

2. Check the expiration date- makes sure that what your buying is fresh and will last the duration of use. All manufacturers are required to list the expiration date on the vitamin bottle. A little diligence will go a long way. If the ebay store does not list it- ask for the specific expiration date from the buyer. You will know if they keep the freshest items in stock.

3. Educate yourself - All manufacturers have websites that detail their product, their manufacturing philosophy as well as the target audience of their particular products. Great manufacturers should provide information about their products, the dietary supplement ingredients, clinical trial and study reviews as well as health tips and prevention news.

One of my favorite manufacturers is Enzymatic Therapy. Enzymatic Therapy creates vitamins that age and gender specific. Based on common health concerns and vitamin deficiencies- Enzymatic Therapy addresses specific needs of their consumers. If you are a 50-something woman going through menopause- they carry a Doctor's Choice line that is age and gender targeted.

4. Shop Around - Online Shopping and Buying is not only convenient it is a very cost effective way to save money on great natural health products. With the economic crunch on gasoline prices- you can often get bargains by shopping online. Ecommerce sites will often include combined shipping costs and even free shipping. You can also negotiate with the sellers in many cases and it pays to communicate with the store owners-- we are looking to create a satisfactory experience and seek repeat customers.

At Healthy Being Products we offer free shipping on over 95% of our inventory and we also offer a free gift with purchase. We value our customers time and desire to make educated choices about their health and wellness. When we can- we also include educational and informational materials with our shipments.

5. Seek References -- Ebay has a great way of understanding a company's background and success rate with past customers. The rating mechanism is a brilliant way to instill confidence in potential buyers. Similarly, seek e commerce sites that convey customer feedback. Often Estores will offer surveys as a follow up measure with their customers to help them rate their experiences.

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