Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get Enough Fiber in your Diet -- Tips to Maintaining the Health of your Colon

Fiber... it's often the dreaded topic we should all be talking about. How do you get enough fiber in your diet to lower your risk of colon cancer, lower your cholesterol levels, help detox your system and feel less sluggish and gain more energy?

Between fiber bars, lots of veggies, cereals packed with extra bran and fiber it is possible to get the daily dosage of 30-45g of fiber every day.

My friends and I are very open about our battles to get enough fiber in our diets. We are many who have the funny stories about eating the notorious Fiber One bars that cause a ridiculous amount of gas and bizarre noises that should never emit from the digestive tract.

My method is to supplement my diet with fiber each meal and even during snacks. I am a personal fan of Fiber One's Honey Oats cereal...it has 51% of fiber just in a cup of their cereal. I snack on Fiber Bars that are raw food fiber bars with 14 grams of fiber. I eat veggies during lunch as well as dinner and have switched to whole wheat grain breads and brown rice.

Other methods can include a Fiber Fusion type of dietary supplement that can be added to your protein shakes. One particular fiber product I use is Enzymatic Therapy Fiber Fusion- Daily Cleansing Fiber Incrediberry-Flavored Drink Mix. A teaspoon a day helps maintain regularity.
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