Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Emotional Eating Support for Your New Year's Resolution using Bach Flower Remedies

Emotional Eating Support for your New Year's Resolution

With the turn of the calendar come new resolutions for personal health and wellness, which for many of us includes the mission to lose weight and gain fitness. Although these fitness resolutions may start strong, some of us often fall back into familiar patterns that include turning to food to feed our emotions. Emotional eating is a lifestyle for many that can often lead to weight gain, frustration, and guilt. Get rid of your urge to emotionally overeat, and your efforts for dieting and living a healthier lifestyle may prove to be easier and more successful.

Bach® Original Flower Remedies, the makers of the natural stress reliever RESCUE Remedy®, has introduced a Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit to help manage emotions and help stop mindless eating.

The three remedies in the Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit will help support your weight loss New Year's resolutions and assist you on your journey back to a healthier lifestyle by:helping you cope with the most common emotions that contribute to emotional eating enhancing your body image helping you stay in control guiding you along so you do not repeat the mistakes of your past.

If you feel you need additional support consider Clinical Hypnotherapy for addressing deeper emotional wounds and challenges that has a lasting impact on your eating program. Andrea Crouch is a clinical Hypnotherapist at Healthy Being Wellness Center helping hundreds of individuals who are seeking control of emotional eating or eating disorders. Call Andrea today for a complimentary session: 727-502-3464. Andrea also conduct phone consultations.
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