Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally Using Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Lymphatic Therapy (electrolymphatic drainage )

Later this afternoon, I will be working with a new client who is coming in with severely elevated levels of blood pressure and is seeking a way to naturally lower her blood pressure levels.

It is most common for individuals to take pharmaceuticals to lower blood pressure but rarely does it have a long term or lasting impact in resolving the root of the problem. When lifestyle changes and meds do not work- it is often necessary for individuals to turn to natural medicine and natural therapies for healing.

I routinely recommend my lymph therapies for my clients who may be experiencing high blood pressure. During a session of lymphatic therapy, an individuals fluid transport system ( ALA the ymphatic System) is motivated and stimulated to create and enhance fluid circulation. This "drainage" technique is a highly effective treatment for managing and lowering blood pressure as well as increasing low blood pressure levels.

Lymphatic Drainage is often recognized as a vascular compression therapy -- albeit a very natural, soothing and stress free way to aid in the elimination of metabolic wastes and stimulate the immune system.

The lymphatic system is an important part of the circulatory system. It aids the body's absorption of nutrients and helps to remove waste from the tissue. The lymph collects the body's waste and then deposits it in the lymph node as it passes through. The lymph nodes also assist the spleen and the bones in producing new white blood cells.

How does lymphatic drainage reduce high blood pressure?

There is a specific process where toxic waste is eliminated from the blood stream. It is an actual pressurized system that creates a pressured force that removes toxic waste called arterial pressure. This arterial pressure forces the blood through tine capillaries and out into the cells' interstitial spaces to effect their exchange with waste which the cells have produced. In this process, the water, or interstitial fluid filled with toxic waste, is gathered by tiny lymphatic tubules and then sent back through the lymphatic system to be detoxified. If the body or lymphatic system has any congestion or sluggishness ( slow fluid transport) this can create a condition where the arterial pressure has to increase to force the blood through the cleansing process - thereby impacting overall body blood pressure.

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