Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011 - Healthy Resolutions using Goal Setting and Vision Boards

Happy 2011 fellow Healthy Beings. It's the season for reassessing our healthy status as well as our ability to create a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Each year, I work with clients who set some major health related goals - often finding themselves a month or even just a few weeks into their year feeling frustrated, anxious and unable to achieve a loft health goal.

I too find myself piling on the tasks and goals that I seek to resolve or change- say paying off a credit card or running 3 miles a day-- while this may seem easy, it takes a lot of preparation and planning. For a non-runner, one would have to work up muscle strength and flexibility as well as the necessary energy and balance of minerals and vitamins to sustain a healthy exercise routine.

Similarly, paying off a credit card takes planning, calculating daily and weekly expenditures as well as ways to create possibly new income to pay down a balance.

I urge everyone to put together sizable resolutions - ones that maybe are a series of mini-steps towards achieving your goals. The more realistic, sizable and often convenient and less taxing are ones that will ultimately get you closer to your goal that you could ever imagine.

One last recommendation for my fellow planners and 2011 resolution makers: create vision boards. They are amazing ways to maximize our positive thoughts and it sometimes just takes some glue, poster board, scissors and some old magazines and within a couple of minutes you can have a vision of the life you seek. Hang it up in your office, your bedroom or a place you see daily and visualize you living the life you so desire.
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