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Biopuncture and Acupuncture Injection Therapy for Back Pain in St. Petersburg Fl 33702 727-502-3464

New Acupuncture Treatment that helps reduce back pain, sports related pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain.  
A botanical injection therapy "biopuncture"  helps stimulate your body's natural healing process.

Biopuncture is grounded in conventional diagnosis. Based on several decades of clinical experience and research, biopuncture is a safe, effective new tool to fight pain. It can be used alongside conventional treatments or when conventional or alternative treatments fall short. It is not a stand-alone treatment. Typically, in a sport, spine and pain practice, the best results occur when the patient can combine biopuncture with good nutrition, which improves their body’s ability to heal and lessen tissue inflammation. 

A Harvard MD treating chronic pain has seen great results in treating pain with severe and often "irreversible" pain.

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that approximately 4 in 10, or 75 million, Americans live with chronic pain (back pain, arthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, shoulder pain, nerve pain, overuse injuries etc). To put this into perspective, pain afflicts more people than diabetes, heart disease/stroke and cancer combined according to American Academy of Pain Medicine. Among other factors, we know that pain is more common in women, with increasing age, and also after traumatic injuries. Arguably, chronic pain needs to be on every physician’s short list of the top health issues facing patients.

How does biopuncture work?
Biopuncture is a therapy using mostly plant-based ultra-low dilution product formulas which are injected into specific body regions to relieve pain and inflammation. The majority of injections are micro-injections with a very small needle just under the skin or into the muscle. One of the benefits of directly injecting the area of pain appears to be a “turbo effect,” or a much faster healing response.

In biopuncture, small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate or “wake up” the natural healing processes. The healing effect comes from “inside” your body – not from the products themselves. It’s the reaction of your immune system, which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing.

How is biopuncture different from acupuncture?
Biopuncture is not the injection of homeopathic formulas into acupuncture points. Biopuncture does not follow acupuncture meridians; the skilled practitioner instead looks for local “pain points” and “origin points” in the affected region. A pain point is likely to be a tender superficial nerve, inflammed tissue or trigger point (muscle knot).

What are the most common micro-dose formulas used in the US?
The most common products used in sports medicine and pain practices are Traumeel®. Lymphomyosot®, Spascupreel® and Zeel®.  Traumeel® is used to reduce pain and swelling. Lymphomyosot is used for lymphatic drainage. Zeel® is used for arthritis. Spascupreel® is used for muscle spasm. Each of these formulas contains a combination of botanical and mineral ingredients, i.e. Traumeel ® has arnica montana to reduce swelling, comfrey to decrease joint pain, chamomile and St. John’s Wort to reduce pain, and calendula (marigold) and echinacea to stimulate the immune system. The product which is best researched and most widely used in oral, topical and injectable forms is Traumeel®.  (Ed. note: The author has no financial relationship with Traumeel®; however, much of the published research focuses on this product.)

What conditions are typically treated with biopuncture?
The common factor is pain and inflammation, be that in a soft tissue or joint or in the lining of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.  Each of these tissues has nerves that become chronically inflamed and cells that secrete chemicals that initiate and maintain pain and inflammation.
  •  Musculoskeletal problems: sprains and strains, joint pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain (rotator cuff syndrome, impingement), mild to moderate arthritis, back/neck pain, nerve pain, painful scars, residual pain after surgery
  • Medical problems: asthma, hay fever, irritable bowel, eczema, bronchitis, migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome

What can a patient expect if they choose to pursue biopuncture treatment?
Most people, unless they have a true needle phobia, are surprised by how well they tolerate the injections. Very small needles are used for the majority of injections. The number of injections per session depends on the nature and severity of your problem.

An elbow problem typically requires 5-10 specific injections. Common ankle sprains or acute injury heal within a few weeks, usually more quickly than if left without treatment. Chronic pain over many months or years may require several weeks or a few months of treatments.  I tell most of my patients that they will have treatments up to about 2 months; usually by week 4, both the patient and I can see objective results.  If a patient has significant medical illnesses, the course may be longer or ineffective. This treatment does require more patience than cortisone injections for instance because we are trying to heal the problem and not simply suppress the symptoms.  Biopuncture is not meant to treat serious illnesses such as infections or cancer. Patients with severe depression, fibromyalgia, auto immune disease (lupus), multiple sclerosis or other major illness may not respond at all or may only be partial responders.

Symptomatic relief may take a while, especially when the problem has been there for months or years. However, when dealing with fresh injuries, these injections can give results very quickly.

If you are curious about biopuncture or alternative treatments to address pain an inflammation in your own body please give us a call ( 727.502.3464) or visit our website for more information.
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