Sunday, August 26, 2012

Product Review: Image Ageless Lashes a Natural Eyelash Enhancer Provides Longer, Fuller and Healthier Eye Lashes Available at Healthy Being Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Fl 33702

Whether you are into extensions, lengthening mascaras, or lash growth treatments, lashes are hot right now.

We love and carry an amazing natural lash enhancer from Image Skin Care called Ageless Lashes.  As a natural focused wellness center we stand behind many natural skin care products and supplements and LOVE the Ageless Lashes.  They work amazingly and it's a natural, non-toxic product that is healthy and will support the health of your lashes.

Many of our clients here at the center seek us for oncology related support and oncology related 
services like Oncology Facials, Oncology Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  These clients often lose their lashes during their treatments of chemo and radiation.  We recommend using the Ageless throughout their entire process and it will help support the strength of their lashes to minimize fall out and breakage.

This eye lash enhancer both enhances the look of your eye lashes as well as stimulates follicle growth and strength. The result is fuller, longer and healthier eye lashes. Regular usage will dramatically improve the texture and youthfulness of lashes.

·       Promotes life span of thin and short eye lashes
·       Improves texture and youthfulness of lashes
·       Prevents breakage and loss of lashes
·       Prostaglandin and drug free

Directions: use morning and evening for maximum results, applying a thin line of product to the base of the lash line. 

For more information about this product or to order it from us- please call our office:  727-502-3464.

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