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Reduce Unsightly Scars with Laser Therapy  

At Healthy Being Wellness Center, we utilize a cold laser therapy with a special serum that enhances the reduction of unsightly scars and keloids.  Clients seek our laser therapy for scar tissue post plastic surgery, cancer sugeries, c-sections, hip surgeries and any deep, internal adhesions that may have developed post surgery.  (Common in the abdominal cavity).

Scarring occurs when wound-healing is disrupted by either too much or too little collagen, the skin's essential fibrous protein. Often pink edges and discoloration is common with scars that can be years old.   Keloid scars are made of an overabundance of collagen. Keloids spread beyond the initial wound area and expand over time. Keloids are thick, raised, firm scars that are a deep reddish-purple. This type of scarring may occur in any individual.

Scar formation is your body’s natural response when healing after an injury to the skin, and it works differently for each person and in each location of the body. Factors determining the severity of a scar left behind after a skin injury include the depth of the injury, the location of the injury, your age, heredity, sex, and even your ethnicity. Most important, however, is how your skin responds to the injury, and this is where laser scar removal comes in.

Laser scar removal is a non-invasive solution that uses pulses of fractional laser light that triggers a wound-healing process that encourages healthy new tissue growth, which in turn greatly diminishes the appearance of the former scar tissue.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Scar Removal?

  • Dramatically improves the appearance of scars
  • Anesthesia usually not required
  • Eliminates risk of infection
  • Minimally invasive
  • Little or no pain during procedure
  • Little to no recovery time

Cosmetic laser treatment aims to deliver skin that is more smooth and even in tone and texture. To correct the keloid, the lasers function to first destroy the excess skin cells that cause the thick, raised patch of the scar. Laser treatment enhances the immunity of the skin cells by stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells to replace the old ones, which will slough off during or after treatment. The new cells will be of normal skin pigmentation, which will correct skin discoloration and even out the skin tone.

Laser scar treatment evens out the skin's surface, reducing the unpleasant look of acne scars and other scars. Likewise, it rejuvenates the skin bringing back that youthful and healthy looking glow. All these benefits can be yours without holding you back from going back to work and getting back to your daily life. 

Benefits of Laser Scar Treatment

Remarkably, scars will have a noticeable decrease in appearance with even a single laser scar treatment, and the results are permanent. It reduces the size and appearance of large surgical scars, as well as disturbing acne scars. The laser scar treatment also treats unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, and visible sun damage, while improving the tone of the skin and bringing back that youthful, healthy glow. Because the penetration is barely visible, you can get back to work and go about your daily business in as little as 1 to 3 days.

High-intensity, energy-filled laser beams target the blood vessels and lymphatic system of the irregular skin and instantly regenerates these cells as the laser energy enhances circulation to the skin and stimulates collagen production.  The blue laser treatment uses adjustable wavelengths and pulses to help the abnormal cells of the keloid scar slough off, and new cell turn-over and collagen production (stimulated by the laser) begins to work from the inside out to deliver a smooth, even-toned skin surface.
The skin's regeneration process typically begins two to four days after treatment. The rapidity of healing and attainment of desired visible effects depends on the original skin condition and type of treatment. 

Laser Scar Treatment FAQs

How does the Laser Scar Treatment feel during and after the treatment?
An immune boosting serum may be used during the procedure.  We use a cold, blue laser that is pain-free. Most patients report a relaxing, calm experience while the laser emits a vibration to the skin creating sometimes a funny vibrational sensation during the procedure.
Post procedure, immediate skin tightening and a circulatory sensation are reported by some patients. Areas that may have been numb, will begin to have sensation as circulation is enhanced.

How long will the treatment procedure take?
Depending on the area of your skin that needs to be treated, usually the whole laser scar treatment procedure only takes 30 minutes to an hour. You may get back on your feet after the treatment or you may choose to rest and relax.

How long is the down time and what are the restrictions after the laser scar treatment?
Some patients return to work the next day after having their laser scar treatment, while some patients may choose to relax for the rest of the after their laser scar treatment.  Since this is a pain free treatment - there is no downtime necessary or any restrictions of exercise, sun exposure etc.

What is the cost of treatment?
Treatments are 30 mins to 60 mins in length.  30 min treaments $35 , 60 min $70

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