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Ways to Reduce Post-Op Swelling with Laser Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage in St Petersburg, Fl

Best Post Operative Recovery Program to Reduce Swelling

As a lymphatic therapist, I work with a variety of clients suffering for a variety of ailments, disorders, diseases and varying stages of surgery recovery.

Many of my clients have post operative swelling that is impairing their road to healing and often impedes the work they are doing through physical therapy.  It also causes them pain and is frustrating as their movement is limited.

Often we receive calls from clients who may have had joint related surgeries to replace or repair torn ACL, MCL, labrum or other tendon or ligament tears.   We also routinely treat men and women post cancer surgeries that often remove organs, glands and lymph nodes infected with cancer cells ad cancerous tumors.  Swelling is usually obvious, but not always the case with deeper tears like those in hip labral tears. 

All these cases share one common threat, the result of surgery is that they now have an intense amount of fluid build up ( known as lymphatic fluid) and inflammation around the surgery site. 

Swelling can be caused by any number of things, in most it is the result of tissue damage during the operation as well as the removal or compromise of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodes that help to remove fluid that would build up post surgery.

It is not uncommon for swelling to occur months after an operation. It can take weeks and months for all the blood vessels and lymph nodes to heal properly.  Depending on how damaging the surgery may have been to these vessels and nodes, will depend on how quickly an individual will recover.  It also helps to have lymphatic therapy to quicken the process.

In the case of our complex lymphatic system,  the lymph fluid needs movement or gravity to circulate and drain.  This is the primary reason why you need the exercise post surgery and why you should elevate your injured part above the level of your chest. Your lymph nodes actually drain opposite of gravity, towards the heart.   (Visit our website for our free Is My Lymphatic System Healthy? test)

Another reason swelling is common is from the build up of scar tissue. Some of our clients are super scar producers-- they present with deep, thick, breaded keloid scars that are  tough, irregularly shaped scars that progressively enlarge. Sometimes the scars actually under the surface and they become adhesions.  Adhesions are fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs, often as a result of injury during surgery. They may be thought of as internal scar tissue.

At Healthy Being Wellness Center, I treat numerous clients through a protocol that will help reduce and bread up these thickened scars and adhesions.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions, but utilizing a blue light laser and a scar reducing serum, we are able to aid our clients in the breaking of up of serious scar tissue. 

Women who have unsightly c-section scars, love this treatment.  We've even had clients who are 30+ years out of a surgery, but still have deep, thick scar tissue.  Often in a couple of sessions, we can get the scar to reduce in size, discoloration and blend in with the rest of their skin.

If you are dealing with swelling from a recent surgery we hope you'll consider the following plan to get you back on the road toward wellness:
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
  • Cross Fiber Friction along the incision/scar line
  • Stay hydrated- the more hydrated you are, the easier lymphatic flow will be away from your surgery site
  • Incorporate ginger into your diet - ginger tea, ginger soups, ginger candy (ginger aids in moving fluid and reducing infammation)
  • Eat more tumeric - sprinkle this onto your food daily or take a supplements (tumeric is amazing at reducing fluid retention and improves ciruculation)
We offer Lymphatic Drainage Services and Cold Laser Therapy to help clients in your situation. If you living in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Brandon, Largo, Palm Harbor or any where in the Tampa Bay area- we can be a resource for you as your recover from your surgery. 

Visit our website for more info or call to book your appointment - 727-502-3464   
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